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                    AirTime March 2019

There's been a bit of turbulence in the airwaves the past week or so, but we should be through the worst of it. Unrelated issues led to a weakening of our signal at 91.3 and a (more or less) complete disruption of our internet stream.

Workers will continue to be on our tower in Orleans for the rest of this week, so we have to lower our power to avoid doing permanent damage to their cellular structure. The signal at 92.1 should be as strong as ever, so try that option if you're having trouble.

The stream machine has been fidgety for a while now, and the feed was totally scrambled from Thursday to Monday morning. It's back to being merely fidgety, but we're in the process of installing a replacement that will be better than ever. Among other things, we'll have a player embedded in our website so you won't have to open iTunes, Windows Media or any other software that might come between you and your community radio pleasure.

As always, we appreciate your support and your patience. We're all in this together.
Let's Talk

Michelle Jewell
You may have noticed some new programs over the last few weeks. Sharks, stars and sea changes are all on the agenda as Michelle Jewell, Martha Clarke and Lise King have all launched shows recently. Michelle is a scientist with a record of tracking sharks around the world. You can hear her Shark Jaw on alternate Wednesdays at 12:30pm. Shark Jaw archives are available here. Martha also has an international perspective on her subject. There's no mistaking her charming Irish lilt as she brings the depth of her wisdom to bear on astrology and how it affects the famous and infamous alike.
Martha Clarke
Martha Clarke's Astrology Show airs on the third Monday of each month at 12:30pm and you can hear previous episodes here. Lise takes in the big picture on her show, Navigating The Sea Changes: How We Will Survive And Thrive In Our Changing World.
Lise Balk King
So far Lise has spoken with Scott Cohen, a professor of design from Harvard about the long range responses to rising sea levels in Provincetown and Christine Walker about her journey in leading the Provincetown Film Society and the Provincetown Film Festival. You can catch the next installment of Lise's show on Friday March 15 at 9am.


As the name implies, International Women's Day is celebrated around the world. It may not be as widely recognized in the United States as it is elsewhere, but the women of WOMR are doing their part to change that. Wit, wisdom and wonder will be on full display as we honor the women of the world.

See the whole schedule of International Women's Day Specials here.
Party For The People 
For the first time in years, we'll be celebrating our birthday at the Schoolhouse in Provincetown. We want everyone to see where the radio gets made and get a good look at the studios before we update them with the proceeds from our capital campaign. There will be goodies galore to entice you to splash a little cash as we open the doors to all. Food, drink, music, art and love - all the key ingredients of a good time will be on hand. All we need is you.
Down The Road
Here's a few things to keep in mind as winter turns to spring, which will eventually lead to summer. We'll honor the winners of the Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest at a reading on April 18 at Wellfleet Preservation Hall. The event is free and will feature a reading by Marge Piercy. Registration is now open for the Wellfleet Sprint Triathlon. This has become one of the anchors of our fundraising calendar and takes place on the morning of June 1 around beautiful Long Pond. And you've still got a few chances left to take in one of our winter movies. Brad Moore shows vintage flicks on real film every Thursday night and DJ Jack Burton (aka Sean Gardner) shows hosts One Man's Trash movie nights on alternate Mondays when he's not on the air. The last Trash movie nights take place on March 11 and March 25.

If you've got some records that you don't want any more, please consider donating them to the station. We'll clean them up and find them a good home. Think of us as the Music Rescue League or the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Records. If your home has room for another record or two, you can browse our online record shop to see if there's something to your liking. You can be sure that all of our records are house broken.