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Don't Look Now              AirTime May 2017
But summer's right around the corner. It always takes a little longer than we want to get here, and it always leaves a little sooner than we're ready. The calendar says it's the same three months long as the other seasons, but somehow that just doesn't seem possible.

Get Bent With Johnny Nicholas

Even though he's not coming with his band Hellbent, Johnny has promised to bring a couple of mates with him when he plays at the Schoolhouse this Sunday May 7 at 3pm. This guy's the real deal, having shared the stage with some folks you may have heard of like Howlin' Wolf, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt and many more. It's a rare chance to see world class talent in an intimate setting. The show's likely to sell out, so you'll want to get your reasonably priced tickets in advance. Johnny has performed in our neighborhood before, and we're positively pleased to welcome him into our humble abode. Among other things, it's a chance to see a great show and still make it home in time for dinner. Beverage and raw bar sales will go to benefit the station, so do everyone a favor and eat some oysters while you're here.

Blue Skies 

Our collaboration with the Academy Playhouse in Orleans continues this week as we welcome Sonny Barbato to the house on Saturday May 6. Sonny's a master of the piano and accordion who's been making waves on the jazz scene for years. If you haven't heard a master of the jazz accordion before (and who hasn't!?!), you really ought to get yourself on down to the show. Among the highlights of Sonny's career is his work with Jenifer Jackson, daughter of our very own purveyor of sweet stuff on the radio, Julian Jackson.

The Blue Skies on the Hill concert series concludes on Saturday May 13 when Abbie Gardner takes the stage. Abbie made her name with the band Red Molly and we're excited to welcome her and her dobro to the stage in Orleans. All concerts begin at 8pm. Click for tix.

Program Notes

There may be sharks in the water, but we've got a guy who knows just what to do with them. Join Dean Moran on alternating Fridays from 7-9pm as he serves up a delicious shark sandwich. I don't think you'll find this recipe in any of your fast casual chain restaurants. In Dean's own words, the meat consists of Iggy Pop and Devo, the cheese can be some great dub reggae, and the secret sauce can be some classic punks like the Ramones. Buy a helmet, learn to swim, and slide on in to the weekend.

Dean's ascendance to stardom comes on the heels of James Paul Ludwig's resignation. Among other things, JP was a past member of the board of directors and a featured personality in Outermost Radio: The Film. His Radio Insurrection gave voice to our fierce commitment to the freedom of expression and represented a part of our community which won't be heard on any other media outlet. He was crucial in getting our Orleans transmitter off the ground and we're grateful for his years of service.

Chattin' Up with Lady Di has also come to the end of its run. Lady Di will still be on the air every Friday with Leggs Up, but other commitments led her majesty to give up the talk show which aired on alternate Thursdays at 8pm. We have several new talk shows in development, so we hope to have news there soon.

See the broadcast schedule here

Race To The Future  

Registrations are rolling in for the 7th annual Wellfleet Sprint Triathlon to take place on June 3 this year. The event has solidified its spot as a major fundraiser for the station under the leadership of race director Kathleen Walker. The outstanding race in a beautiful place engages athletes in a swim in Long Pond as well as a run and bike through the National Seashore. It seems unlikely that you would see very many DJs participating in the race, but there are a few among us who appear to get more exercise than is provided by flipping a record.

Have We Met?

If not, we really ought to fix that. That's our mission as we team up with the Cape Cod Theatre Company for a little schmooze at their Arts Center on Sisson Road in Harwich. There will be a little light nosh, as a well as a few theater mavens and denizens of the airwaves to spice things up. Learn how to become a DJ or simply bask in the glow of those who have already traveled that path.

You May Already Be A Winner!

But don't let that stop you from buying a few raffle tickets anyway. If you're familiar with the Provincetown Film Festival, then you know that it brings an incredible array of international talent to our little hamlet by the sea. Thanks to our friends at the Film Society, you have a chance to enjoy VIP treatment at this star-studded event. Call Chris in the office during business hours to get yours..

That's all for now. Don't be a stranger. And don't forget to be nice.