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                    AirTime November 2018

We pride ourselves on our fairness here at community radio, but this time of year finds us in a fowl mood. There's nothing foul afoot, although we are dreaming of a holiday roast (find out more about our seasonal confab below). What we need from you is a goose. Not in the sense of a big bird, but rather a good kick in the pants. You see, we're trying to get all of our ducks in a row, but the chickens have yet to come home to roost. Our fall pledge drive has been going swimmingly, but we really need it to take flight. Winter is almost upon us, and we need to ensure our finances are strong enough to see us through to spring. Your contribution will keep us from being cooked and help to guarantee that this bird can continue to sing. Donate what you can to support artistic integrity and community spirit. Thank you.
Yes, Virginia....

There is such a thing as a free lunch. Come on out and party with the community radio posse this Saturday November 17 at the Provincetown Inn at noon. Vittles from Angel Foods may help explain why it's our best attended meeting of the year, but we'll also get the report from the Board of Directors on the current state of the station, welcome new members to the Board, recognize the efforts of our fabulous volunteers, and generally enjoy each other's company. Everyone's invited regardless of how much time you've volunteered or how much cash you've donated. You can meet the people who make it happen and we'd love to meet our listeners.
Feeling Lucky? 

Don't worry, if you miss out on the free lunch at our annual meeting on Saturday November 17, you've got another chance a few weeks later. Everyone's invited to our seasonal celebration on Saturday December 8 at 5pm at the Schoolhouse at 494 Commercial Street in Provincetown. Unlike the annual meeting, no actual business will be conducted at this gathering, although you'll have a chance to meet the DJs and give them the business by asking them any questions you may have, such as "Why didn't you play my request?"

You can always see the whole broadcast schedule here.
The Power Of The Pen  

We're pleased to announce the 6th annual Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest. It's an honor to once again have Marge Piercy as our judge of the finalists. A mere $15 entry fee entitles you to submit up to 5 poems for a chance to win the $1000 top prize. A prize of $300 is reserved for the best poem submitted by an author from Cape Cod. You can see all the relevant rules and regulations here.
Save The Date

On Sunday April 14, WOMR is going to host one of those parties you won't want to have missed. Plans are coming together for a party of epic proportions to celebrate our 37th birthday and the completion of our capital campaign. There'll be music (of course) and art and food and beverage and nice people. It'll be our biggest affair at the Schoolhouse since our house warming party, and people are still talking about that 15 years later. We'll be getting our friends in the galleries downstairs involved and every bit of it will be awesome. Especially the part where we get all new equipment to replace our very tired gear. Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

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