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AirTime November 2019
Out With The Old

It's a big week up here at the Schoolhouse. After much planning and scheming (not to mention fundraising), we're ready to start really digging in to the studio upgrade project. Things began in October when we took apart the the talk show studio and Matty's production office. Those rooms got painted, and things are set to build a temporary studio for our DJs to use while we work in the main studio. The last broadcast from the old room will be tomorrow, Saturday the 16th. If all goes according to plan, we'll be broadcasting from the temporary studio by the end of the afternoon on Saturday. We may be off the air for a bit as we move things from one room to the other, but we'll try to keep that to a minimum. There may be a few rough spots as the volunteers get accustomed to their new environment, but it wouldn't be WOMR without a few rough spots.

Once things get settled in the temporary space, work will begin in Studio A. We'll take out all of the outdated equipment, get new flooring and do some painting to get the room ready for the shiny new things. The furniture and electronics have been ordered, and we eagerly await their delivery. There's plenty to do before we can actually install the new gear, which should take place shortly after the new year. All in all, things are on track to have the big reveal and ribbon-cutting at our birthday party in the spring. Thanks so much to everyone who donated to the capital campaign to make this possible and a huge shout out to the Massachusetts Cultural Council for awarding us the grant that put the cherry on top of our fundraising sundae. Thanks also to our committee of volunteers helping us to stay on track: Tony Pierson, Eli Ingraham, Ira Wood, Tyler McGraw and Sean Gardner.
Schedule Update

DJ Sean (Jack Burton)
There have been a few changes to the broadcast schedule recently as we dance to the rhythm of the seasons. Pandora stepped aside to make room for Jay Harrington's return to alternate Sunday afternoons from 1-4pm. Look for Pandora to pop up in other spots on the schedule throughout the off season. Rich Willecke and the T-Bird have both gone south for the winter. We should have news about their seasonal fill-ins shortly, but we've already gotten some great shows from Gary Williams, Sean Gardner, Ann McDermott, Dave Mott and Carol Courneen in their places on Wednesday afternoons from 1-4 and Thursday mornings from 9:30-12:30. Congrats are in order for Billboard Bob on having just aired his 1100th(!) episode of Charted Course. Astounding. Finally, fans of the opera are getting excited for the start of the Metropolitan Opera season on Saturday December 7 with the broadcast of Phillip Glass' Akhnaten. The Met airs at 1pm on most Saturdays through May 9.

We were saddened to hear of the recent passing of WOMR volunteer Bernie Hutchens. Bernie hosted the Last Train Home jazz program on Tuesday evenings from 2015-2018 and had volunteered as a fill in for several years before that. Bernie was kind and humble, and no one was was more thrilled to be a DJ than Bernie. Never one to brag about his accomplishments, Bernie's obituary was filled with credits. From his time on submarines in the military, through a successful career in business, to his time spent in the arts after retirement, Bernie was never one to turn down a challenge. We're grateful for the time he spent with us.
Awkward & Inappropriate

Can you call something a tradition after two occurrences? We'll test that theory and others when we rekindle the spirit of holidays past on Thursday December 12 at the Left Bank Gallery in Orleans. Given our track record and the subject of the presentation, we'll count the event as a success if we can get out of the place without breaking anything. The Left Bank Gallery is beautiful and there will be complementary drinks and snacks, so come on out.

Snuggle Season

We've already had our first cold snap of the year, so the time is right to get your bid in on our beautiful quilt hand-crafted and donated by Julia Willecke. It's currently on display at the Truro Library so you can see just how truly amazing it is.
Pledge Drive Update

A great big fat thank you to everyone who donated to our fall pledge drive. We continue to be blown away by the loyalty and devotion of our listeners. We need a few more dollars to make it to our goal for the period, so please consider pushing the button if you haven't given yet. You're the best.

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