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April 2024

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Here is an update on the anticipated runway closures this spring and summer due to airfield construction and maintenance projects:

  • The main east-west runway used by airlines (7R/25L) will be closed from mid/late April until the end of June. During this time the north-south runway will be the primary commercial runway in use.  

  • Two runways that primarily serve smaller General Aviation aircraft (7L/25R & 1R/19L) will be closed during the week of July 15th to accommodate overflow parking needs during the Republican National Convention. 

  • There will be intermittent closures for all runways during daytime hours for regular maintenance work. Runways generally remain open during nights and weekends.

Anyone with questions regarding airfield or aircraft noise and/or runway closures may contact the Noise Office at 414-747-4677.


July 15 – 18

The Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee. This will result in an increase in arrival and departure activity, as well as security-related flight operations throughout the area.

July 22 – 28

The annual EAA AirVenture will take place in Oshkosh. While this event does not typically result in noise impacts near MKE, there will be overflight activity by aircraft arriving and departing from Oshkosh.

July 27 – 28

The Milwaukee Air and Water Show will take place, featuring the USAF Thunderbirds Squadron. This may result in additional aircraft noise over certain neighborhoods during that weekend, as well as earlier in the week during practice sessions.


Annual Flour Drop Contest June 8 at Timmerman Airport

Annual Spot Landing Contest September 14 at Timmerman Airport

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Runway Label Diagram v2.jpg

MKE Runway Layout

 Runway 7R/25L  

CLOSED April - June

 Runway 1L/19R  


 Runway 7L/25R  


 Runway 13/31 


 Runway 1R/19L  


Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE) has earned its second straight Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Award for its success in delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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