City of Rosenberg News Update
Airport Avenue Extension Ribbon Cutting Held
On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the City of Rosenberg and the Rosenberg Development Corporation (RDC) held a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the opening of the new Airport Avenue extension. The new three-lane curb and gutter road connects the existing Airport Avenue, located near Terry High School at FM-2218, to the recently constructed US-59/IH-69 feeder road between the Reading Road and FM-2218 intersections.   

This collaborative public/private partnership project was approved in January 2018. The Rosenberg Development Corporation committed $3.17 million to design and construct the infrastructure improvements. The developer, Village Crossing, granted the City the right-of-way at no cost to develop the road and associated utility easements, and developed deed restrictions for the property's use. They also committed to commence construction of at least 50,000 square feet of commercial building improvements within 8 months of the completion of the infrastructure, committed to create a minimum of $5 million taxable value of improvements within 18 months of the completion of the infrastructure and will create a minimum of $10 million taxable value of improvements within 36 months of the completion of the infrastructure. The newly opened Cavender’s Western Wear store is the first commercial building in the development.

"This new infrastructure is a powerful link to not only new development but the creation of many new jobs for Rosenberg,” said City Manager John Maresh. “Public/Private partnerships such as this bolster quality infrastructure and utilities as well as economic development growth. We are excited about the potential for this new development and thankful to Village Crossing Developers for their commitment in making this happen.”

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Pictured L-R: Joaquin Hurtado (Hurtado Construction), Melissa Pena (City of Rosenberg), Teri Morales, John Maresh (City Manager), Marc Morales (City Council Member and RDC Member), Kevin Raines (Mayor and RDC Member), Tim Anders (City Council Member and RDC Member), Rigo Calzoncin (Rosenberg), John Hearne (RDC Vice-President), Ted Garcia (RDC President), Jackie Wehring (Rosenberg), George Hext-Contreras (RDC Member), Joyce Vasut (Rosenberg), Frank and Alexandra Attar (Village Crossing Developers), Enrique Ugarte and Keith Karnoski (Brown and Gay Engineers). 

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