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The San Bernardino County Department of Airports plans, organizes and directs the County's airport and aviation system to provide high quality aviation facilities and services in a safe and efficient manner, optimizing the benefit to the communities and citizens of the county.
Planes of Fame Airshow @CNO 
The 2018 Planes of Fame Airshow at Chino Airport will be held May 5 th and 6 th and will honor the history, contributions and sacrifices of our veterans. 

The show will feature performers such as A-10 Thunderbolt and Heritage Flight, Sean Tucker Aerobatics, P-51 Mustang Voodoo, N9MB Flying Wing Demo, The Tumbling Bear, as well as over 40 historic aircraft, static displays, the Kids Zone!, food and vendors, and a panel discussion with a distinguished list of honored veterans. 

For tickets, schedule, FAQs and other information, please visit the Planes Of Fame  website or  Facebook page.

Steel Drivers Club @APV

There are over 300 car clubs in California according to website

One in Apple Valley called The Steel Drivers Car Club is made up of a group of local friends with a shared interest in Traditional Hot Rods, with a focus on Model A and Model T Fords, often, using the original four-cylinder engine as the basis for our modified power plant. 

They enjoy fixing up their cars the way it was done in the 40s. They strip away unnecessary weight and add speed parts to make them faster. They call it “hopping up” and it’s how they like to keep the history of Hot Rodding alive in their club and in Apple Valley. 

The group has a weekly breakfast at “3 rd Generation Taco,” the Apple Valley Airport café. After breakfast, they like to hang out by their cars, talk about their latest and future Hot Rod modifications and watch the airplanes come and go.
APV Aerobatic Event
Los Angles Aerobatic Club IAC Chapter 49 is hosting the 2018 Duel in the Desert Aerobatic Contest, May 3-5, at Apple Valley Airport. .
Registration for the contest and practice day is Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. Contest Briefings at 7:00 AM Friday May 4th and Saturday May 5th. 

You may preregister via email before April 30th with .  

For more information, please visit the IAC Facebook page or their  website
Welcome New Commissioner Christine Canepa

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors recently appointed Christine Canepa as the 2 nd District Commissioner for the Department of Airports.

This is significant considering that even though in 2013, 57% of all degree recipients are women, only 29% were scientists and engineers. In the aviation industry, only 6% of all U.S. pilots are women.

Maria Sastre, Opinion Contributor for  The Hill emphasizes how critical aviation services are in society in their April 5, 2018 article . As in the aerial firefighting efforts in battling the 2017 California wildfires. Highlighted in our Fall Newsletter, CNO provided critical air support in battling the  Canyon Fire this past September.

Aviation is also critical for a healthy harvest in our nation’s farming industry. These are services that are largely not thought of until we are in need of or using them. 

There are efforts across the nation to promote the increase of women in STEM careers and we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge this significant aviatrix milestone here in San Bernardino County. 

Welcome Ms. Canepa and thank you for being a trailblazer in the industry and a role model for young women in our STEM dependent future.  
A Note From A.J. Ursic, Jr.

Attention CNO Pilots:

Recently, the FAA conducted a quarterly Runway Safety Meeting here at CNO. According to the current data, unfortunately, CNO is at the top of the national list of runway incursions, once again. Fortunately, the major portion of these events have not been serious. However, it does place CNO under the FAA microscope. Two significant categories are: (a) moving beyond runway hold lines; and, (b) landing on the wrong runway. Therefore, even after receiving and correctly reading back a runway clearance, pilots are landing on the wrong surface. Due to these events, our ATC is having to spend more time observing aircraft in these positions. This takes valuable time away from other airfield and pattern activities they have.

One element of the solution: We pilots can help to remove CNO from this dubious distinction. Let’s all attempt to do what we’ve all been trained to do, either yesterday or many years ago: Stay vigilant.  Practice a sterile cockpit when entering CNO airspace. Don’t just ‘react’ to airport signage. Instead, be proactive and anticipate it, look for it. Stay focused during taxiing. Refrain from GPS programming, and flight planning during taxi. Listen closely. One obvious problem has been that pilots ‘hear’ what they’ve always heard in a familiar situation or position. Another simple ‘rule’ may be – when you are holding (number one) for takeoff, to always keep the entire runway hold lines in view. These simple elements can help significantly at CNO, at other airports you visit, and, more importantly, the aviation and pilot community as a whole. 

Regarding wrong surface landings, we can help ATC by conducting a sterile cockpit in CNO airspace, and by focusing on communications. Take a moment to visually identify, and verify the assigned runway, especially in low sun angle and hazy days. Remember, the approaches for the 26 parallels are offset. Make sure the ‘picture’ makes sense. Whether it’s 8-26L/R, when appropriate, confirm with ATC: “Runway (as assigned) in sight.” 

Pilots – Let’s do our part to remove CNO from the runway incursion list. Assist ATC, stay vigilant, stay focused. 

Lastly, you all are invited to participate at these FAA Runway Safety meetings. Please watch for announcements of these meetings on the Chino Pilots Forum . You can also subscribe by joining There you can enlist your email address to be notified of these and other useful FAA meetings and seminars at CNO and the surrounding airports

Stay safe,
A.J. Ursic, Jr., CFI, FAAST Rep RAL FSDO
Personnel Announcements & Awards

  • Welcome, Henry Martinez! We are pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Martinez as the new Maintenance Supervisor for the Desert Airports (TNP, EED, 0o2, and DAG).  Mr. Martinez has served the department as a Maintenance Worker I since 2014 and brings with him extensive contracting knowledge.
  • Service Pins. We would like to congratulate three individuals within our Department of Airports family on receiving their 10-year Service Pins.
  • Vince Corona, (pictured at right) Maintenance Supervisor for APV
  • Noah Dowd,Maintenance Worker I, CNO
  • Joe Dozier, Maintenance Worker I, CNO
Thank you, Vince, Noah and Joe, for your dedication and hard work over the past 10 years!

General Announcements

  • CNO Recycling Bins. We will be adding recycling bins to Chino Airport (CNO). Exact location to be determined. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Port-a-Port Hangars. Approximately 20 Port-a-Port hangars will be moved from Brackett Airport (POC) to Chino Airport (CNO)

  • Maintenance Care Program. Tenants will be receiving stickers for the Maintenance Care program that have a QR code.  By using their smart phone, each tenant will have direct access to the maintenance program allowing them to report any infrastructure or hangar door issues. There will also be signs posted throughout each of the airport facilities.

  • 2018 Hangar Inspections. Just a reminder that annual hangar inspections will begin in early June. Tenants will receive a letter with more details. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact Cyle Woodruff at or (760)247-2371.

  • Solicitation of Proposals. In late May, the Department of Airports will be releasing a Solicitation for Proposals (SOP) for a Fixed Based Operator at Twentynine Palms Airport.  The SOP will be available on the Business Servicessection of our websiteat that time. 

  • FAA Runway Safety Video for CNO. Just a reminder that the FAA offers a safety vignette highlighting surface safety risks at CNO. The videocovers runway safety including vehicle/pedestrian deviation, incursion hotspots, flight training operations and wrong runway operations.  Find more information on Runway Safety at
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The County of San Bernardino Department of Airports provides for the management, maintenance and operation of six county-owned airports. We also assist San Bernardino County private and municipal airport operators with planning, interpretation, and implementation of FAA general aviation requirements.

Our administrative office is located at 777 E. Rialto Ave, San Bernardino, in the heart of the picturesque San Bernardino Valley, approximately 60 miles east of the city of Los Angeles. The rugged natural beauty of San Bernardino County, from its awe-inspiring mountains to its vast expanses of colorful desert, makes it the aviator's destination of choice .
Airport Commissioners:
Roy Cox, 5th District, Chair  |  Jim Bagley, Desert At Large, Vice Chair  
Mark Taylor, 1st District |  Christine Canepa, 2nd District   | William Smith, 3rd District
Ray Marquez, 4th District  |  Larry Asmus, Valley At Large
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