December 1st, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Acting on input from vending operators and other customers, Airsled has added a variable speed option to its air dolly moving systems. The company says the variable speed option makes it easier for operators to maneuver machines into and out of tighter spaces which are becoming more common in today’s micro market and other confined vending environments. 

As seen in photo: A technician with the Airsled Model VM2400-VS variable speed blower over his shoulder uses the equipment moving device to position a snack machine and a beverage machine in a company breakroom. Air beams are inserted under the machine and inflated by the blower to slide machines over smooth surfaces. Adapters are available to move machines over rough surfaces such as carpet. 

A European manufacturer has developed an age verification add-on module for vending machines. The module makes operators more competitive with traditional retailers which have the ability for an on-site clerk to check a consumer’s age. It also enables operators to expand into sales of products such as CBD, which may require age verification, without purchasing a new machine. VAV Box by CAV has a solution, now business owners have an option for age verification using new or used vending machines.
The VAV Box MDB port plug-and-play hardware uses artificial intelligence and two cameras to scan the consumer’s photo ID and age information and verify the image with the camera view of the person at the machine.  An additional program, called R-Seller, allows an operator to have a live person remotely help verify age. 

In today’s world, technology is constantly changing and this includes the wireless networks that we use to connect our devices and vending machines to the Internet.

This article offers several tips for vending operators who are preparing for the sunsetting of these wireless networks by migrating to faster wireless networks. 

When Are 2G And 3G Networks Shutting Down?

The move to sunset older networks has been in the works for some time but that should stop businesses from delaying the transition to faster networks because most older networks worldwide will be shut down in stages over 5-10 years.

Will people start working in office buildings again after Covid-19? The answer to this question is yes, most employees may eventually start going back to work in offices around the world, especially if those buildings have micro markets. 

Although the world may never be the same as it was before Covid-19, the reality is that having a micro market in the workplace offers convenience and flexibility, while offering the option for consumers to purchase the foods and beverages that they need without having to leave their office workplaces. 

Safe And Hygienic 

Micro Markets are an ideal solution for office buildings because they are safe, hygienic, and an efficient way for consumers to purchase food for lunch, a cold beverage, or a cup of coffee without having to worry about possibly spreading Covid-19. 

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