December 2021
Happy Holidays and Welcome to our December "Airways Insider"!

As we move into 2022, we would like to wish all of our employees, sales agents, vendors, and customers a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. 

Thanks to everyone that took the time to read our newsletters this year and Cheers to more Airways Insider Newsletters to come! We have a lot of great things happening this month around the office, join us on our social media for lots of pictures!

Congratulations to our newest Employee of the Month, Rob Nix!
Employee of the Month Rob Nix!
"In baseball, a cleanup hitter is the fourth hitter in the lineup. Their most important job is to bring runs in, the cleanup hitter “cleans up the bases” meaning that if there are runners on the bases the cleanup hitter scores them in ergo the name. Airways’ cleanup hitters are the team members that work third shift.

"Over seventeen years ago, Rob Nix joined the Airways Family working third shift. Third shift is responsible for tracking/tracing the current days shipments, shipments in process and delivering the following day. They provide quotes/customer service, set-up shipments (charters, next fight out, hotshots, etc.), in other words they do everything first and second shift, but with the disadvantage of the time difference. Many carriers and vendors have cut back on their hours, but our third shift know emergency numbers and how to get things done. Rob has mastered all these things and more, and has developed into a leader on third shift. He has even taken on the responsibility of training our new third shift team members.

"Rob is an integral part of the Airways Family and our success. I am proud to congratulate Rob as our December employee of the month. He joins a GREAT group of people."  

~ Tom Hatfield, Executive Vice President, General Manager
"Rob Nix has been part of the Airways family for 17 years. Being on overnight shift for his whole tenure at Airways has given him a great knowledge of all departments, international and domestic. The overnight shift comes with its own sets of problems. While most people are sleeping, he is tracking shipments in route and setting up deliveries for the next day.

"Rob is quick to handle any issues that might occur during the night and doing his best not to wake anyone up. He has also learned to handle these type of situations in true Airways fashion, by always being courteous and polite, not matter what time it is. This has helped him mature into the operator and employee he is today.

"Congratulations Rob for being the employee of the month. It is well deserved." 

~ Erik Fortin, Director of Operations, Product/Domestic Services
"Rob has always had a positive attitude when he shows up to Airways to work his shift. 

"This year Rob has really stepped up and has been an important team member of the overnight crew. Rob has been working an extra shift for over 4 months now. He has been an asset to Airways in training our new overnight trainees. 

"I really do appreciate Rob for all that he does. I am grateful to have Rob on my team."

~ Hollis Hatch, Manager, Night Ops
"Every morning when I come in Rob is at his desk diligently working away at the end of his “graveyard shift”. He’s always got a cheery “good morning” for me.

"Rob’s been working the late night/early morning shift for quite some time, about 17 years if memory serves.

"He follows up on the anything that needs checking overnight and fields any late night call-ins that come in during that time.

"I appreciate his diligence and dedication."

~ Jerome Casey, Vice President, International Ocean Operations
Check out our latest podcast edition of "Conversations in the South Office"! In this episode we are talking to longtime Airways customer and friend - musician Rowdy Johnson. Listen as he talks to us about his business with Airways and performs a song we'd like to dedicate to all of our Veterans. For more info on Rowdy visit his website at:

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Thanksgiving came a day early for us folks at Airways Freight! Thanks to super agent Jason Self for providing all of the employees Lucky Luke's BBQ!
Thanksgiving came a day early for us folks at Airways Freight! Thanks to super agent Jason Self for providing all of the employees Lucky Luke's BBQ!
“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”  ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr. 
To carry on our yearly tradition, the very generous employees at Airways have donated throughout the year with fundraisers that raised over $2800.00!

Those donations will support toys for The Children’s Hospital in Little Rock and Springdale, Arkansas' "Toys for Tots" and toys and snacks for our local Children’s Safety Center. 

We are also honored to sponsor 9 Angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program! 

Airways' own angel Kathy Harber has had the arduous task of collecting said donations, selecting the right programs, and ultimately wrapping each and every gift. This will be Kathy's 25th year organizing these fundraisers at Airways and we humbly thank her for all of the thought and preparation that goes into it. Her efforts have made countless children happy.