December 2022

Welcome to December! 

As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to make our success possible. It’s been quite a year for us all! It is in this spirit that we say thank you and send best wishes for the holidays and New Year.

Congratulations to our December Employee of the Month -

Tracen Vacha!

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"Employee of the Month" Tracen Vacha!

"Tracen has made a positive impression on myself and his coworkers. Tracen always has a strong work ethic and positive attitude when he sits at his desk to start the day. 

"Over the past year I have had a few night ops guys transfer to day ops and to go along with this, Airways has hired new night ops employees. He has been a big help to me in assisting in training and getting the night crew up to speed with our operations. 

"When it comes time for Tracen to move to day ops, he will be an asset to what ever department he lands in. I am truly grateful to have him on the night ops team. Congrats, Tracen!"

~ Hollis Hatch, Manager, Night Operations

"Tracen is one of the superstars on the night crew. He seems to live by the old adage if you are on time you are late, ready to work before his shift starts.

"With attention to detail, he efficiently handles orders of a well seasoned vet. He also is always ready to help out on any project. Whether it is helping to train a newer operator to get up to speed, or work with the day crew when they have people out.

"He is a very welcomed addition to the Airways family and we look forward to his long tenure here. Congratulations Tracen!"

~ Erik Fortin, Director of Operations Product/Domestic Services

"All though I do not have direct work communication with Tracen I have the opportunity to observe and hear his communication with customers and agents. He does a great job in these areas. He has developed into one of the cornerstones of night operations. He is definitely a benefit to Airways in any capacity." 

~ Dan Helton, Manager, International Commercial Air Services

"Tracen has been an outstanding addition to our Airways Family. He has been a great help for myself on our evening shift assisting with one of our top sales agents. His hard work and great attitude is very much appreciated. He makes my job much easier for sure. Congratulations Tracen!"

~ Lindsey Remington, Freight Specialist, Product/Domestic Services

"Tracen is an absolute rockstar in operations. He takes pride in his work and sets the bar really high for his colleagues. He’s a got great leadership skills and is not afraid to tackle any problem that presents itself. I have to say I am still convinced he gets emails 10 seconds quicker than everyone else in the building. Keep up the great work buddy."

~ Jake Oskey, Freight Specialist, Product/Domestic Services

Happy Retirement to Grant Green!

Thanksgiving Lunch!


Decking the Halls at Airways!

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