July 2021
Welcome to the July addition of "Airways Insider"! It's only the beginning of July and you can certainly feel the heat!

This month we are celebrating Independence Day, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet!

We have lots of things happening in July, including our newest "Employee of the Month" Dakota Parsley. Thanks for taking time to read our Airways Insider and feel free to share!
Employee of the Month

Airways Freight Employee of the Month Dakota Parsley!
"Dakota is a force to be reckoned with on the Airways Int’l team. He started on our night crew, then moved to int’l trade shows/air freight where he organizes & manages shipments moving around the globe. In addition to this, he is currently also tackling both ocean operations, and US Customs. Somehow he manages all of these tasks with both an exceptional attitude and a high level of customer service! Dakota is a pleasure to work with, and is always willing to lend a hand wherever help is needed! We are lucky to have him on our int’l team!" ~ Patty Osburn, Manager, International Trade Show Services
"Since Covid brought international trade shows to a complete stop Dakota stretched himself learning our customs entry system to assist with the clearances of inbound shipments. He is also helping our ocean department move shipments. In addition to this he is an all around great guy!!" ~ Dan Helton, Manager International Commercial Air Services
"I’m not surprised that Dakota was voted employee of the month. That dude is a rockstar. I really enjoy working alongside Dakota. He makes a day at the office entertaining.  Not only is he a solid employee he is just a great human.  A proud dad of two of the cutest boys and a beautiful wife.  We are lucky to have him in our corner. Congrats to my friend, you deserve it!!" ~ Ashley Chandler, International Shared Support
"Dakota is even tempered, keeps calm and has interesting decorations in his cubicle. Always willing to pitch in and take on new tasks."~ Jerome Casey, International Ocean Freight
July is an interesting month of the year, according to the Georgian calendar, July is the 7th month of the year, but in pre-Caesar times in the Roman calendar, July was known as Quintilis, which is Latin for the 5th month.

July has 31 days and was named after Julius Caesar by the Roman Senate during 46 B.C.

The July birthstone is the ruby and considered to be very lucky.  It represents wisdom, love, contentment, passion, and integrity.  The ruby is also one of the most expensive gemstones to buy.   

If you were born in July, you are a Leo.  

In July 1881, the first phone calls were being made between Canada and the US.  

July is an exciting month for UFO enthusiasts, it is the month where crop circles appear and have been emerging since at least the 1970’s!

During the month of July, you will see the Full Buck Moon which occurs mid-month.  It is also the point where the sun is furthest away from the earth at any other point in the year.  This occurs during aphelion, which takes place on Independence Day, July 4th every year.  

Other than Independence Day, July 4th there are also other fun national days - 

·      Canada Day 
·      Bastille Day 
·      Parent's Day 
·      National Ice Cream Month 
·      National Blueberry Month 
·      National Hot Dog Month 
·      National Picnic Month 
·      National Pickle Month 

July is the second summer month after June.  Sometimes the long hot days of July are called the “dog days of summer” and is also called the hay month because of the grass drying out due to lack of rain.  

"I met Hal Poole the first week I was here at Airways, still down in the ‘dungeon’ learning the in’s and out’s of our business. I believe he just returned from the Magic trade show in Vegas and came down to greet the new recruits. I never would’ve guessed at that time how good of friends we would become over the course of the next few years. From the day we met, Hal always seemed to be very cordial, and greeted everyone with a smile or a jovial and optimistic greeting.

As my tenure with our night ops grew, I suppose Hal felt sorry for me and finally asked me to join the day crew in our trade show department. By this point, I had traveled to several trade shows as a “runner” and really enjoyed it. Hal took me under his wing and started putting me out on the road more and more, showing me all there was to know about the trade show industry and on-site operations.  Hal has an excellent way of teaching someone what he knows; that is, he just does the work, and does it so well in fact, a person can learn simply by watching him.  Hal is a great co-worker, and even better friend. We’ve had countless adventures together, both out on the road working, and back home here in Arkansas. When it comes to leadership here at Airways, Hal is a shining example of what kind of leaders Airways produces, and what that leadership means in terms of growth as a company. He is one of the many reasons that Airways feels like family. There’s no doubt that over the last 30 years, Hal has left quite the footprint for the rest of us here at Airways to follow. I figure that if I can become half the man and leader that Hal is, I’ll be doing something right.

So, I guess here’s to 30 more, right big guy?" ~ Josh Collins, Exhibit Specialist, Trade Show Services
"What can I possibly say about Hal Poole that those that know him are not already aware of? 

"I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with him for 30 years now and have to say he is an amazing person both professionally and personally. As a boss he was always very easy to work with and welcomed new ideas, as well as suggestions. There are many times I would have him proof read business correspondence before I sent it just to confirm it read well and was not too confusing.

"Hal is an integral part of the Airways family and even though he is no longer my direct boss I still look to him for advise both professionally and personally. 

"He is an amazing friend to me and my family and one of the most genuine good people I have had the pleasure of knowing." ~ Suzanne Lencowski, Trade Show Services
"Here’s to the man with 30 years of “slow is smooth and smooth is fast!” Hal is the man who will have your back the first day you ever set foot on a Trade Show floor till the last step out of the bar! Hal is a man of kindness, honesty, trustworthy, and not a man of integrity but he is a man of “great” integrity.

Congratulations on 30 years of being all our colleague, mentor, but most of all our friend!"
~ Sonya Campbell, Airways Sales Agent
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