July 2023

Welcome to July! 

Wishing all our followers a happy and safe 4th of July! Time to celebrate our freedom and independence with fireworks, flags, and barbeques! May this holiday light up your heart with the spirit of patriotism and pride!

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Meet the Team!

This month we are starting our "Meet the Team" campaign! Some of you may have worked with these people for a long time, some may not know who they are at all!

Our team is made up of some of the most talented and dedicated individuals in the industry. We are proud to introduce you to each and every one of them! From our experienced leaders to our hardworking support staff, everyone on our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience. With a diverse range of skills and backgrounds, we are confident that we have the perfect team to meet your needs. So why not take a moment to get to know us better? First up, is our Airways Accounting team.

Left - Brandi Phillips, Shelly Greninger, PBX Operators Front Stair - Director Ashley Chandler, and Lauren Hinesley, A/R 2nd Step - Tacie Johnson, Kristen Morrow, A/R & Agent Commissions Right - Alexa Osburn, Claims Center - Aftin Blake, A/R

Back row - A/P - Jodie McCleland, McKinley Parker, Becky Evans

Ashley Chandler - Director of Corporate Administration

Beginning her career at Airways in August of 1997, Ashley has worn many hats.

Working first in the Domestic Accounting department, then moving to International managing the day to day accounting of that division. She is now the Director of Corporate Administration.

Brandi Phillips - PBX Operator

One of the OG's of Airways, Brandi is one of our PBX Operators and has been with Airways since July of 1993, Happy 30 years! She is one of the first voices you hear when you call Airways, and is in charge of all of our scanning, mail and paperwork.

Shelly Greninger - PBX Operator

Shelly has been with Airways since July of 1997, she is the other PBX Operator and you can't beat her southern hospitality!

Becky Evans - A/P

Another OG of Airways, Becky began working at Airways in February of 1993, Happy 30 years! She is responsible for processing accounts payable invoices, vendor statements and daily check requests.

Jodie McCleland - A/P

Jodie started her career at Airways in November of 2003, she processes accounts payable invoices, vendor statements, daily check requests, and W9 verification for our vendors.

McKinley Parker - A/P

One of our youngest and newest employees, McKinley started in the Accounts Payable department in December of 2022, she processes accounts payable invoices and vendor statements.

Tacie Johnson - A/R

Tacie started her career with Airways in July of 2014, he main focus is processing accounts receivable transactions, and administering customer account collections beginning with the letter D-E.

Kristin Morrow - A/R & Agents

Starting in August of 2014, Kristin spends her time working with Agents processing commissions and doing accounts receivable transactions. She also administers customer account collections O-S.

Aftin Blake - A/R

Aftin began her work in Accounting processing accounts receivable transactions and administering collections on accounts beginning with the letter N, T-Z, and numbered accounts. She has been with us since September of 2021.

Alexa Osburn - A/R & Claims

Alexa has been working at Airways since August 2022. She works in our Accounts Receivable department with emphasis on Account Claims. She also handles account collections A-C.

Lauren Hinesley - A/R

Lauren works in Accounts Receivable, administering collections G-M as well as processing a/r transactions. She has been with Airways since October of 2022.

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