June 2022
Welcome to the month of June! We are half-way through the year, and we hope the second half is just as great! We have lots of pictures to show you from our Employee Appreciation Month and want to thank everyone that participated in our extra-curricular activities.

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Congratulations to our "Employee of the Month" for June - Wes Penny!
"I know ‘computer people’ sometimes get a bad rap for being condescending or ‘know it all’s’ or just plain hard to deal with. I have worked with Wes for somewhere around 20 years and I can attest he is none of these. I’ve worked with him from an ops position where we worked together to create the ‘Night Ops Shipment List’ which we still use today. I’ve worked with him for over 17 years in the IT department, and if there is anyone capable of asking dumb questions, it’s me. He always treats everyone with patience and kindness that can sometimes be lacking in in the IT world."

~ Mike Berger - Director of I.T.
"Working with Wes the past 6 years has been great!  He is always willing to be the first to help if anyone has a problem, whether he can solve it or not, he consistently gives 100% trying.  

"He always has a positive attitude and is very informative and knowlegeable.  He’s the brains behind the operation, in particular – our AS400.  

"There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t."  

~ Lisa Townsend - Media Specialist
"Wes has always been a pleasure to work with. Always polite and courteous even in the face of angry constituents who have to turn their computer’s off then back on several times a week. 

The guy literally operates like a fireman, putting out fires that seemingly never end. 

He has almost single handedly kept our mainframe up and running, constantly updating programs and creating new ones to make our days just a little better. 

He has trained and retrained and showed again and again person’s of little technological ability which buttons to push for programs he’s created in the past, all with a smile. 

No project has ever been too big or too small, no request set aside, all the while keeping up with normal maintenance and major overhauls. 

Airways is fortunate to have him.          

~ Grant Green -
Director of Corporate Administration
"Do I think Wes deserves to be Employee of the Month?? A thousand times YES!! There are so many occasions I’ve reached out to him for help, and he is always so kind to assist. I appreciate his calm demeanor even in times of stress! He is so knowledgeable at his job, and if he doesn’t have an answer immediately, he will work on it until he does.

"Wes makes Airways a better place, and we are all fortunate to have him!" 

~ Tacie Johnson
Accounts Receivable
"Wes Penny is the man behind the scenes. Working every
day to make the Airways Operations system more efficient.

"Need a report? Call Wes. Need to add compliance to
our screens? Call Wes. Always polite and courteous with every odd ball question he is asked.

"Another thing about Wes he subscribes to the Airways thought of never say no. He might look at you kind of
odd but that is just him figure out how to make
your request a reality.

"Thank you Wes for working everyday to try to make our jobs easier."

~ Erik Fortin -
Director of Operations
Product/Domestic Services
"As we wrap up our month-long celebration of Employee Appreciation in May, we are so appreciative of each person that is a part of our Airways Family. We have such a special group that works hard together and cares for each other. They take great pride and ownership in all they do, and it shows in the high level of customer service they provide day in and day out.

"We came out of Covid restrictions last Fall with business skyrocketing and it hasn’t let up over the last eight months. While a lot has been asked of each employee throughout the last eight months, each one has been more than up to the task.

"Our Employee Appreciation month has given us an opportunity to express our regard for our staff and has given us a chance to mix, mingle and recharge through month long activities and events.

"We are so fortunate to have a very special group, a family that cares for each other and for the services they provide. While this month was concentrated on our employees we could not be successful without our Sales Agents, our Vendors, and our Customers. We thank our sales agents for being our partners, many for decades plus. We are appreciative of the support and service provided by our extensive vendor network, and we also thank our customers who put their confidence in us daily. It all comes together in a winning combination!"

~ Denny Wood, President
Grand Finale!!
BAGGO Tournament