March 2021
We made it to March, and that Groundhog wasn't lying when he said 6 more weeks of Winter, thankfully Spring is within reach and we are definitely looking forward to thawing out and enjoying all of the pretty flowers that come into bloom!

We want to say thank you to all of our readers and welcome all the new ones of our "Airways Insider" newsletter. We have a lot happening this month at Airways.

In this months addition we are honoring employee Kathy Harber who has her 30 year anniversary on March 11th and also our February "Employee of the Month" Lindsey Remington. Thanks for reading!
Employee of the Month
Lindsey Remington
Meet our Airways Freight Employee of the Month for February, Lindsey Remington!
Since September of 2003, Lindsey has been a notable amenity to our Domestic Operations department. 

Formerly working for a local grocery store, Lindsey set her sights at finding a career with a company that would allow her the opportunity to grow.  With having been introduced to Airways by a friend, she loved the family atmosphere and soon after began her journey as a Special Accounts Manager.  Lindsey loves the task of helping customers solve problems, as well as the challenge of thinking and acting quickly.  She loves being part of a team, and it has given her a wide-scope of what is being shipped in the freight forwarding industry.  She likes the day to day interactions with customers and vendors from all over the United States.  The family atmosphere to Lindsey is more than just colleagues and co-workers, it's also her brother Albert Kirk, who is an employee of Airways and part of the Domestic team as well.    

Here is what some of her co-workers have to say about Lindsey:
"I have worked with Lindsey for almost 18 years now. Her ownership of everything she touches is second to none. She consistently goes above and beyond everyday. From her willingness to help every operator on the floor and her long stint of working weekends she has a acquired a great knowledge of what customers need and what it takes to provide that service. She is always happy to come to work and always happy to help anyone and everyone. When she is not in the office we can truly feel it. Thank you Lindsey for all you do!" ~ Erik Fortin, Director of Operations

"Lindsey has always been one of our “go to” operators, whether it’s on the weekend or Monday through Friday during regular day operations. She has a willingness to do whatever is asked of her and does so with 100% of her ability and professionalism." 
~ Brock Wood,Director of Operations

"Lindsey is like having our own fire department, she has always answered the alarm of need, regardless of day or time, weekend or holiday. She is a walking library of information from setting up a simple deferred shipment to single handedly managing complicated charter aircraft emergencies. She has always been willing to help our new people and giving of herself to all ops that might need her input. She is the epitome of the Airways ops manager. We are very proud of this terrific person and congratulate Lindsey for being our employee of the month." ~ Ken Center, CEO
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Outstanding Sales Performance Awards 2020 were handed out this month! Closing the books on 2020, a year that we would just as soon forget, we find excellence among the difficulties. Their dedication and perseverance throughout 2020 was one of the highlights of the year.

Congratulations to all of our Sales Agents! We greatly appreciate our partnerships and look forward to 2021.

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Final Thoughts...
Spring!  March 20th!  I got to say, I am beginning to feel a little excited.  Are we allowed to do that yet?  Let’s do it anyway.  Maybe it’s just the spring fever talking, but this rather hellish last year has made me even more determined to make this year the best year ever, and no better time to start than now!

I love this time of year.  I am a gardener at heart, so I tend to look at the world through that rose-colored lens.  Gardeners are generally an optimistic lot.  We have to be, or we would never plant that first seed.  In our souls we believe things will ultimately be okay.  Not every seed will germinate and not every sapling will bear fruit, but enough will thrive to make the success far outweigh the mishaps.  I don’t think there is any other undertaking so fraught with chance, yet driven by expectation – except maybe logistics.  

Really, there is not that much difference between gardening and freight.  You begin with gathering all the knowledge available, formulate a plan to get from point A to B, keep careful watch to avoid damage and loss and adjust and change course when necessary.  You start and end your day knowing sometimes things happen that are totally out of your control, but you never give up.  It makes us, gardeners and logistics professionals alike, hopeful, agile and uniquely qualified to tackle whatever is thrown our way.  Heck, we deal with a ‘new normal’ every day!  

I look around and see things are beginning to perk up – and I don’t just mean the daffodils.  Here at the office, phones are ringing, the number of shipments in the system is on the rise, there is even serious talk of a for real Fall tradeshow season.  If you aren’t quite feeling my level of spring induced enthusiasm yet, these are all observable, quantifiable, reasons to be optimistic and excited.
Winter is finally beginning to subside.  It is time to break the dormancy, get busy tending to everything that made it through the cold, find the seeds we are going to plant this year and even cultivate new ground to expand the garden.  We got this! ~ Jamie Reed, Assistant Security Coordinator