May 2021
Welcome to May! Can you believe we are almost halfway through the year?
Airways Freight is in full swing, and we are so ready for the summer and looking forward to a plentiful Trade Show season this fall. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for information about upcoming shows! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We would like to wish all of the Moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day and say thank you to all of our readers of our "Airways Insider" newsletter. We have a few things happening this month at Airways, including tips on "How to package and crate your cargo" with a video tutorial and a snippet on our newest "Employee of the Month" Logan Coffee.
Employee of the Month
Meet Logan Coffee, our Airways Freight Employee of the Month!

A few of Logan's co-workers had quite a bit to say about him!
"I realize we have many long term employees who have proven their allegiance to Airways, but I would like you to consider that last March (2020) we were forced to cut our weekend rotation (to save money) and asked for volunteers to work weekend shifts. Logan was the first to step up and take a shift. Over the past year, he has proven himself to be a leader on weekends. He takes vacation on his Monday and Tuesday days so we don’t have to find coverage for his weekend shifts. He is a capable operator that any department would be lucky to have. He steps up to handle any issue.
Great employee." ~ Tom Hatfield, Executive Vice President/GM
"I have been a part of this company for over 30 years. In that span, I have never really had a lot to do with hiring new personnel. That being said, I always thought I could see in people strong customer service skills. Over the years I have referred many people to interview with Airways and several folks have worked out very nicely. Unfortunately, I will admit, my sixth sense for finding the perfect candidate for Airways has not always been spot on. However, this did not stop me in my casual quest to seek out folks that might be a good match with our needs for top operations support. This brings me to Logan Coffee. 

"As you are very likely aware, Logan is one of very best in handling any emergency cargo need. When I first met Logan, he was already working in a customer service role. I thought he was doing an excellent job in dealing with all types of personalities. Eventually, he did inquire about Airways. He told me that he would like to apply, which in short order he did interview. He was truthful and told us it might only be a year or less, for he wished to locate in Colorado. I don’t know what happened with the move to another state, but I do know that we continue to get the benefit of his expertise. 

"He has proven to be a real rock in handling every imaginable freight issue, giving Airways agents and customers a sense of confidence in all interactions. Often he volunteers to
help out wherever the need might be, regardless if it is a holiday or just to fill in when someone else can’t. About a year ago he volunteered to take on the weekend shift and has been appreciated by all in that role ever since. It is with great satisfaction that
we have nominated Mr. Logan Coffee for employee of the month, he deserves the title."  
~ Ken Center, CEO
"I don’t work side by side with Logan, but I know he’s a very knowledgeable and capable operator who leads more than follows.  He’s well respected with his peers as well as with customers and agents.  The Night Ops group deals with the all the pressures of every aspect of Airways, sometimes all at once, and he has the work ethic and expertise to handle it all, professionally.  On the times he and I have worked together on issues after hours he’s always been pro-active, positive, and service-minded." ~ Craig Luttrell, Manager, Airways Truckload Services
"Logan is a great worker. On time and ready to learn and work every day. He has a great attitude with everyone (fellow employees, agents, and customers). His willingness to try to learn every aspect of the Airways “way” is going to help make him a long term employee. Which I look forward too." ~ Erik Fortin, Director of Operations, Product/Domestic Services
May is known as a month of transition. With the events of last year and into 2021, we are transitioning into a bright new future, and I'm sure we are all ready to put this last year behind us.

May is also the modern-day English adaption of the Latin word Maius, which has origins going back to the time of the ancient Greeks. They named the month of May after the Greek goddess of growth. With that being said, what we have to look forward to this May is the beginning of our growth here at Airways. With growth comes knowledge and over the past year we have gained knowledge in the fact that we couldn’t have gotten through all of this without the strength of our employees, customers, vendors and agents here at Airways Freight. When we needed it the most, we banned together and grew as a team. For that we are very humbled. 

May’s birthstone is the emerald which is emblematic of love and success and one of the things we have been very successful in, is having the best customer service in the industry. That success has always been driven by our can-do attitude. This past year we learned that We CAN get through whatever obstacle comes our way, and CAN do our best to assure the success of our future with Airways. Thank you all for making that possible. Happy May 2021!

May the 4th be with you.
Happy Cinco de Mayo
Happy Mother's Day and
Have a happy Memorial Day!
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Final Thoughts...
Can you feel it? There’s optimism in the air that we’re getting back to normal and business is picking up. Soon trade shows will be back in session and we’ll see the excitement of exhibiting and face to face meetings. We’re already seeing positive movement in the industry and are looking forward to some shows in the Summer and a very busy Fall.

Domestically we’re seeing many of our manufacturers ramping up and having a increased need for all levels of transportation services. We, at Airways, feel like we’ve all weathered the storm of the last twelve months and are positioned to begin building back with our sales agents, vendors, and customers. Fully staffed, 24/7, 365 ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

We thank our customers and agents for putting their trust and confidence in Airways over our more than 40 years in business.

You are truly our partners. ~ Denny Wood, President