Seasonal Gift Guide!
“As you skein, fiber’s spinnin' / Counting gauge, for your knittin' / Yarn bundled tight / A finished project in sight / Crafting in an Aker-wonderland"

We took a few liberties with this year’s jingle, but who doesn’t love a catchy tune?

Before we dive into our third annual Akerworks Gift Guide, we just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone for the continued support this year: You are all endlessly amazing!

And now for the good stuff. Check out all of the awesome products we packed into this guide below (for more information, just click on the item name) or forward it to someone who could use a few hints. You’re well on your way to a sure-fire hit for the fiber-frenzied folks in your life!
New to the Akerworks Family: Coming soon to a project near you
  • Drop Spindle Starter Kit: JUST RELEASED! Our newest product, this kit offers you all the tools, materials, instruction, and inspiration you’ll need to create your first skein of glorious handspun. Pick one up for the spinning novice in your life! 
  • Finished Object Tags: These are perfect for--you guessed it--your finished objects! Laser-engraved and made from machine washable and dry-cleanable ultra-suede material, our tags are available in multiple sizes and colors, with customizable text and typefaces. The tags are available with the simple message "Handmade" or customized to say "Handmade by [YOUR NAME]."
Deck the Halls: Put a little love on your walls
  • MakerQuotes: These solid wood mini-signs are perfect for the home or office, and are made to share thoughts of wisdom and inspiration for creativity. Added bonus: the special three-way backing lets each MakerQuote work as a desk stand, a wall hanger, or a refrigerator magnet!  
  • Ornaments: Inspired by our collection of flat-pack bobbin styles, the Akerworks ornaments come in your choice of color and pattern. Add a little spinning magic to your holiday decorations today! 
Customer Favorites: The greatest hits
  • Knitting Tool Kit: The Akerworks Knitting Tool Kit is a notions caddy for essential knitting needs. Made of an unbreakable flexible rubber, the Tool Kit combines an Akerworks Swatch Gauge, a pair of Little Gems mini-scissors, and a tape measure. There are magnetized notions pockets for stitch markers, darning needles (both included!), and more. The Tool Kit also functions as a knitting needle gauge, with measuring slots for common metric and US needle sizes. 
  • Drop Spindles: Our updated Modular Adjustable Spindle System of interchangeable drop spindle components offers the freedom to mix and match, experiment with whorl size and position, and work through a project using a single whorl with multiple shafts. We also offer mini-spindles that are perfect for the spinner-on-the-go, or for fine-weight fiber spinning. The possibilities are endless, so take a look around at all of our amazing options!
  • Bobbins: Our wide array of flat-pack bobbins consist of a hollow composite core and 3D-printed end elements. Available in a series of whorl patterns and colors, each bobbin is custom fabricated for you. In addition to being beautiful and unique, Akerworks Flat-Pack Bobbins allow you to see your singles or yarn through the whorl end as you spin. The bobbin can also be taken apart for storage or travel, and comes with a mesh sleeve for tidy storage. 
  • Yarn Caddies: A supercool way to supply yarn to your knitting project! The yarn caddy holds the yarn cake of your choice, and the included TensiTamer helps you control the tension you prefer. These are also designed to work in conjunction with our Kates (Simple-, Butterfly-, or Aker-), though any 1/4” shaft will handily hold one. 
  • Butterfly Kates: A great gift for those on-the-go, the Butterfly Kate is a multi-purpose knitting and spinning transformer tool with a carbon fiber shaft and an expanding base crafted of solid hardwood. It can be used with our Yarn Caddy to easily feed yarn for knitting or crocheting, or with our flat-pack bobbins as a miniature Lazy Kate. So many uses! 
The Nice List: Items not to be missed
  • Super Skeiner: The Akerworks Super Skeiner is an ultra-compact, adjustable-length, skein-making tool. Handcrafted in our shop from a solid piece of wood and carbon fiber shafts, the Super Skeiner can make skeins from 1-to-3 yards in circumference (by half-yard increments), and comes with a counter for keeping track of your rotations. It turns smoothly, folds flat for compact storage, and comes in a protective neoprene sleeve. Shipping times may vary.
  • AkerKate: Our custom-fabricated Lazy Kate is made from a solid piece of hardwood and holds four carbon fiber shafts (plus TensiTamers!). The unique design allows the shafts to pivot up and down, while remaining captive in the Kate, so that you never have to worry about losing one. The AkerKate accommodates up to four jumbo bobbins, and coordinates beautifully with our collection of Flat-Packs bobbins. Each AkerKate also comes with a durable, protective slipover-style sleeve to keep your Kate looking shiny and new. 
Dealer’s Choice: Give them the winning hand
  • Gift Card: If your intended recipient only hinted at “Akerworks!” without specific guidance, consider the Akerworks gift card. These are available in $10, $25, $50, and $100 amounts and are delivered via email along with the card redemption instructions.
We love this time of year, and we especially love hearing how excited our customers--both new and returning--are about giving and receiving Akerworks gifts. If you have any questions about products in this newsletter, feel free to reach us at Or, if you came across something on the website that you would like to know more about, we’d be delighted to field those questions, too. Our little community of fiber friends is ever-growing and we love learning about everyone’s amazing crafty endeavors!

Happy gifting!
The Akerworks Team