October 11, 2018  3 Cheshvan 5779

Leighton Art Center Field Trip
All students will be going on a Field Trip to the Leighton Art Center. Please give permission for your child(ren) here.
Our School Goal
Strengthening Basic Numeracy and Literacy Skills through a Collaborative Learning Environment.
The staff at Akiva have been discussing different ways to collaborate more often in the school. At our recent staff meeting, we reviewed the school goal, got into pairs, and explored ways to work together. Everyone at the meeting decided on a date this month to get their classes together to work collaboratively.
Special Programs
The grade 4-8 girls had their first day of Netball this week. They received instruction on the rules and then played the game. It was a great learning experience and a very enjoyable activity.

The grade 4-8 boys had their first lesson playing Ping Pong. They were fortunate to have a visiting professor from China, an expert ping pong instructor, check their skill level and give them some instruction.

Thank you to both Anna Lourie for arranging the Netball, and to Dr. Larry Katz for suggesting that Akiva Academy have the privilege of working with the Ping Pong experts.    
Mr. Habot's Science Class

Mr. Habot's grade 4 science examine their red kidney plants life cycle. When completed, a few weeks they will grow new pods.  
Morah Halpern's Judaics Class
Grades 2 and the 5-8 girls baked rainbow cakes in honour of Parshat Noach.
Amihai Bannett from Israel meeting with students in the school.

Grade 2 with the special guest from Israel
Ms. Waseems' Class
Grade 3 making friendship bracelets.
Mrs. Greenwalds' Judaics Class
Parshat Noach Rainbow Cupcakes with Mrs. Greenwald
Girls' Net Ball

Boys' Ping Pong Lesson
Measuring Noach's Teiva (Ark)
Grade 1 students measure the length, height and width of Noach's Teiva (Ark) using a biblical measuring stick and yarn.

Family Challah Bake
The school will be hosting a family challah bake on Wednesday, October 24th at 3:45pm. Please see the flyer below.
Daycare Newsletter
To view Octobers' Daycare newsletter please click here.
Happy Birthday this week!
Ariella G.
Georgia M.
Thank you!
Thank you so much to the Linetsky Family for donating hockey equipment for the students to use

Wednesday Oct. 24
Leighton Art Centre Field Trip

Wednesday Oct. 24
Akiva Family Challah Bake

Wed. Oct. 31
School Picture day