October 19, 2018  10 Cheshvan 5779

Family Challah Bake
The school will be hosting a family challah bake on Wednesday, October 24th at 3:45pm. Please see the flyer below.
Happy Birthday this week!
Hen R.
Mazel Tov!
Mazel Tov to Rabbi and Morah Miller upon the wedding of their granddaughter in New York!
Leighton Art Center Field Trip
The students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 are going to the Leighton Art Centre on Wednesday, October 24th. This is a cost sharing field trip so please send five dollars to the office. Dress your child in layers as the weather can change quickly.
Note - Those students who ordered Hot Lunch (grilled cheese) will take it with them. If you have any questions, please see Rabbi Greenwald or Mr. Hadden.  

Please give permission for your child(ren) here
Grade 5-8 Career Days
As part of the CTF (Career and Technology Foundations) and Health programs, the Grade 5-8 classes will be featuring guest speakers from the community who will be speaking about their jobs and career paths. We are looking for parents and grandparents who can come speak to the students (time commitment is approximately 1/2 hour). If you are interested in participating, please email the school office.
Grade 8 Art
Last year, the grade 8 students studied the 7 Elements of Art, in detail. This year they got to show what they learned by teaching their classmates in grade 7. They did a great job!

Cinematography Presentation
ABN Sneak Peak!
Grade 3 Hebrew Class
Ms. Delaneys' Kindergarten Class
Morah Millers' Class
Parshat Beraishit comes alive in Preschool. 
Parshat Noach
Noah with his animals

Hebrew and Math Numerical Collaboration Grades 2 and 3

Grades 2 and 3 students are studying the numerical values of the words in Hebrew.
Grade 2 students practicing Hebrew words
Mrs. Kaufmans' Grade 2 Class
Grade 2 students are getting ready for the spelling test.

Grade 1 Candy Math
We had so much fun playing with Reeses Pieces. The best part--we ate them when we were done!

Grade 3 & Kindergarten Collaboration 
The Grade 3 students helping the Kindergarten kids with their writing work. 

Grade 3 Collaboration with Pre-K & Kindergarten
The grade 3's read a story to the Kindergarten and Pre-K students today and then they did a kite craft.
Grade 2 Math
Grade 2 in Mr. Habot's math class use technology to explore properties of numbers.

Rabbi Goldenberg and Morah Orly
As part of learning Hebrew letters in kindergarten and grade 1 and learning Rashi letters in grade 3 and 4 the grade 4 class worked with kindergarten and the grade 3 class paired up with grade 1 class to show the similarities and differences of the Rashi and the Hebrew letters. 

Tuesday Oct. 23
Petland Field Trip
Nursery & Pre-K

Wednesday Oct. 24
Leighton Art Centre Field Trip

Wednesday Oct. 24
Akiva Family Challah Bake

Wed. Oct. 31
School Picture day