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Carol Tran, Editor-in-Chief
“In these uncertain times”—a phrase that has become ubiquitous in 2020—is a phrase that’s always been an old friend to every lawyer’s practice from the inception of the legal profession.  Comprehensive knowledge of legal statutes and case law aside, an essential component to any lawyer’s success lies within his or her ability to assure (and continue to reassure) clients as they navigate their complex and often uncertain legal troubles.
Perhaps it’s because the root of the legal profession has always been mired in uncertainty that the judiciary has been able to react and adapt as quickly as it has to the unrelenting floodwaters of the pandemic. In some instances, the evolution was graceful. In others, it was ugly. But adapt it must. Time and tide—and justice—wait for no man.

The rebirth of the Akron Bar Association Examiner Magazine seeks to present a diverse sampling of viewpoints from different areas of the current and future legal community about how the pandemic has affected their or their client’s connection with the law—and provoke curiosity.  None of the articles reflect the opinions of the Akron Bar Association, and any commentary on or responses to any articles are welcome as Letters to the Editor in the following edition.

Thank you to all of the authors on their contributions!
The COVID-19 Vaccine: Issues For Employers
Karen D. Adinolfi
Almost since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the message has been that much, if not everything will return to normal (or some approximation of normal), when a vaccine becomes widely available.  The vaccine is now here (although not yet “widely available”), and employers are now faced with a significant decision – whether to require employees to obtain the vaccine?
And, while there have been a lot of knee-jerk reactions from employers as to what they will do, it is perhaps helpful to look at the issue in both legal and practical terms for employers to decide what is best for its workplace.

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The Future Of The Families First
Coronavirus Response Act
Bryan E. Meek
Over the last year we all have had to adjust to the new normal ushered in by the coronavirus pandemic. Schools and daycares closed, businesses transitioned from in-office work to work from home, bars and restaurants have closed their doors...all to slow the spread and try to prevent this pandemic from spiraling out of control. The start of the pandemic was utter...
pandemonium. Working parents trying to balance both caring for their now at-home children and their livelihood. Businesses trying to decide how to implement leave policies with limited information.

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Forgive Me, But Why Aren’t You Forgiving Me?
Michael R. Rasor
With high stakes, complex regulations, and untrained decision-makers, PPP forgiveness disputes are inevitable.

One layperson will decide a matter that is worth $1 million to your client, applying novel and sometimes-complex federal statutes and regulations.

This is not a nightmare.
It is the position that many owners of small- and mid-market businesses will find themselves, as bankers examine loan-forgiveness applications under the CARES Act’s Paycheck Protection Program.

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Revere Mock Trial Faces Challenges of 2020-2021 Season
Alan Silvidi
In 1998, Revere High School social studies teacher Ellen Friery attended a seminar hosted by the Akron Bar Association (ABA) and presented by local attorney Shirley Simon. The program promoted a new class for area schools entitled “Street Law: a Practical Guide for Young Adults.” As part of the offering, the ABA would purchase all textbooks, provide a liaison from the University of Akron School of Law, and schedule...
speakers to come to classes. Through Friery’s interest and dedication, Revere emerged as one of the first schools to offer a Street Law course. This also led to the creation of Revere High School’s Mock Trial program.

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Zoom Training For Lawyers And Using It Securely
John W. Simek and Sharon D. Nelson
The coronavirus pandemic has forced a lot of lawyers to utilize video conferencing to “meet” with co-workers and clients. One of the most popular video conferencing platforms is Zoom. There are others, but we see Zoom as the choice of many lawyers, especially those in solo and small firms. Many courts are also using Zoom for various court...
proceedings. While we can’t cover all the options and settings for Zoom (there are a ton of them), we’ll try to give our advice on the best way to use and secure Zoom for your firm.

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