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So yesterday, I left my cell phone at the office as I left for the evening. Amazingly, I slept through the night without waking. Arriving at the office the next morning, with a bounce in my step, I felt as if I had achieved Carl Spackler’s “total consciousness.” Which is nice.  

Happy New Year!

Here are some resolutions that will be a lot easier to keep than that new diet. Make this the year you become more active in YOUR Akron Bar Association! Join a new committee or section. Pledge to take all of your CLEs with us. Rumor has it on Twitter that we have the best CLEs around, even though we frown on you attending in your jammies! (Thanks for the idea, though, Adam Va Ho!)

We offer plenty of social events, too, including the upcoming Foundation Gala and Silent Auction, the annual Law Week Luncheon, Bocce with the Bar in fall, the annual Holiday Party each December, the monthly "Legally Breakfast" and much more.

Want to know more? Click for the Calendar of Events. Want to join a section or committee? Call our Membership Director, Thomas Petropoulos at 330.436.0106 or email

Hope to see you soon!
Text Messaging Has Arrived at the Akron Bar!

Have no fear! We’ll only use text messaging for things like committee/section meeting and Akron Bar event cancellations, unscheduled closures of the Summit County courts, and annual dues reminders. 

Sign up today to be entered in our drawing to win a $20 gift card to Akron Family Restaurant, the site of our monthly “Legally Breakfast” gatherings. Pay-your-own way breakfast is served on the first Wednesday of each month beginning at 7 am. Even if you don’t win the gift card, we hope to see you there!

Text CTMyAkronBar to 25827

Questions? Call Member Services at 330.436.0105.
Friday, January 18
11:30 am
Summit County Probate Court Case Law Update (Includes a hot lunch buffet)
1 CLE Credit Hour

Tuesday, January 29
9 am
6 CLE Credit Hours

Tuesday, February 5
1 CLE Credit Hour

Friday, February 15
1 CLE Credit Hour

2:30 pm
1.5 CLE Credit Hours

** This seminar will be followed by a group discussion about creating an Administrative Law Section of the Akron Bar Association. Please plan to stay and share your thoughts.

Click on the program titles above to register

Don't forget that we also offer online CLE 24/7/365! Click here to view the catalog and to register.
So Who Has Rights to Great Lakes Beaches?
U.S. Supreme Court May Decide

A case in Indiana may be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court to determine who has the right to use the beaches of the Great Lakes - the general public or private property owners. In question is whether private owners can keep the public from accessing lakefront beaches adjacent to private homes or whether the public trust doctrine holding that the right to access beach areas below the "ordinary high-water mark" supersedes private claims.

Government Shutdown
Impacts Law Firms, Too

TSA agents, air traffic controllers, and national park rangers aren't the only ones feeling the hurt of the current government shutdown. Firms handling anti-trust, capital markets, and white-collar defense cases are feeling the pinch, too.

News From Around Town

Our friends at the Downtown Akron Partnership have shared their 2018 4th quarter update. The newsletter includes useful details about the progress of the Main Street Corridor project, as well as articles of interest highlighting other construction and renovation activities, business growth, economic development, and upcoming events.

Join us for breakfast!
February 6, 2019
From the Courts

Probate Court & Metro Parks bring Touchable Art to Courthouse
Summit County Probate Court and Summit Metro Parks will display sketchbooks created by county residents in the atrium of the courthouse. These unique works of art were created during the Nature Drawing for Adults program at the F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm and are meant to be handled and enjoyed. 
The sketchbooks, constructed using post-consumer cardboard and donated paper, are accordion-style. This interactive design is meant to be touched, examined, appreciated and enjoyed. The works will be displayed on music stands on loan from Akron Public School’s Fine Arts Department to make them accessible to employees and visitors. 

“Each book is a treasure and reflects a personal journey in creativity ,” shared Danette Rushboldt, Interpretive Artist, Summit Metro Parks. “We invite visitors and employees of the courthouse to take the books down and enjoy them cover-to-cover.” 
“We have seen how art can be transformative for the observers in our courthouse,” said Summit County Probate Court Judge Elinore Marsh. “Usually art displays lack the ability for us to reach out and touch it, so one of the things we are most looking forward to is the interactive aspect of this exhibit.”
This exhibit will run February 4 through March 1, 2019. 
The Summit County Court House is open to the public 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 209 S High St, Akron, OH 44308. The Atrium is located on the first floor of the Summit County Court House outside of the Probate Court. 
For more information on classes and programs offered by the Metro Parks, visit
From Community Legal Aid

A Case for Social Impact

By Steven McGarrity
Executive Director
Community Legal Aid Services

As lawyers, our profession is all about the impact of our work for our clients - whether it be the outcome of a case or simply what they gain from the experience of seeking justice.

For those of us in the nonprofit law sector, social impact is at the core of what we do - the sense that our work has a broader effect than one client, one outcome, one case. And no matter what form it takes, our goal remains constant and clear: to make a difference for our community and those who call it home.

As we enter a new era and launch a visionary three-year strategic plan, we’re looking at social impact from a different lens - not ours, but of our clients. We’re taking a long, hard look at the areas of need identified in our recent community assessment and aligning our work accordingly. We’re exploring ways to enhance community partnerships and education efforts that leads us toward meeting our advocacy goals and identifying litigation and policy opportunities that can empower our clients to stand firmly on their feet.

Transforming lives and, in effect, transforming our community is what it’s all about. We believe the way to do this is through a couple of key strategies:

  • Taking our service to the people. While we connect with many clients through our HelpLine, we don’t wait for people to knock on our door. We go to them and will continue to do so - at law clinics, resource fairs, and partner organizations like battered women’s shelters, the Taft Promise Neighborhood, and Akron Children’s Hospital.
  • Collaborating with like-minded organizations. We know from decades of work that it truly takes a village. By partnering with groups like the LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools, we can make sure that the people we’re helping receive all the support they need – food, clothing, medical care, veterans’ and disability services and others – making our impact on their lives and our community even greater.

Over the course of this year, we’ll be sharing more details about what we’ve identified as key impact areas for those living in poverty in our community. But our goal is to get beyond a grassroots discussion about these topics, to move the needle on these issues in the community and maximize our social impact.

Far too often, people don’t realize there are legal solutions to the issues that are impacting their lives. And for those living in poverty, those solutions can be life changing. In the coming years, we will bring those solutions to our neighbors in need - by engaging in the strategies identified above, and by continuing to stand by and listen to our clients.
Don't Forget the "Clothing for Indigent Defendants" Service
The Akron Bar, in partnership with Goodwill Industries, has completed the protocols and procedures for giving defense counsel access to courtroom-suitable clothing for their indigent clients. Click here for the procedure to obtain clothing....

Thanks to all who have been cleaning out their closets and contributing to the "Fill the Closet" Drive! We're almost ready to send another van full of clothing to Goodwill. Please donate today!
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