From the President

May is a busy month to be the President of the Akron Bar. There is Law Week, including the Law Day Luncheon, and the Red Mass and the Sir Thomas More A ward. As for the Sir Thomas More Award, the rumor that Jeff Heintz wants to be referred to as “Sir Jeff Heintz” is not true, at least to my knowledge, but I am not taking any chances and will be addressing him that way until he says otherwise. 

A Few Words from Jeffrey Heintz, Recipient of the
2019 Sir Thomas More Award

If you missed the Red Mass on May 3 at St. Bernard's Church, you missed seeing our judges process in their robes, enhanced by red sashes. You missed joining in the singing of hymns and in the prayers for our judiciary and for all attorneys. And you missed a very fine speech by our very own Jeffrey Heintz, who was this year's recipient of the Sir Thomas More Award.

We are quite pleased that Jeff shared a copy of his speech so that we might share it with you. Be sure to congratulate Jeff when next you see him!

"Anyone who knows me knows I’m proud of what lawyers do. My father used to say, “It feels good to help people.” He was right; and lawyers are given a special set of skills for that purpose. But getting a law degree is just the beginning. If you’re lucky, then you have mentors who show you how to use those skills properly. And I was taught by the best: first Bernie Rosen, Bob Blakemore, and the people at Blakemore, Rosen and Norris, and later by the likes of Karl Hay, Frank Quirk, Jerry Whitmer and Oscar Hunsicker at Brouse McDowell." 

Tuesday, June 4
Hosted by the Family Law Section

Friday, June 7
FREE CLE Sponsored by the Law Library Committee of the Akron Bar Foundation

Friday, June 14
FREE CLE Sponsored by the Law Library Committee of the Akron Bar Foundation

Monday, June 17, 2019
Juvenile Case Law Update & Practice Tips for Dependency, Neglect & Abuse Practitioners – VIDEO REPLAY
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Friday, June 21
Annual Probate Cookout & 3-hour Seminar hosted by the Estate Planning, Probate
& Elder Law Section
Featuring Chef Larry Poulos, Esq.
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Friday, August 2
FREE CLE Sponsored by the Law Library Committee of the Akron Bar Foundation
There’s An App For That – Help Finding Useful Software & Apps for Attorneys
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Thursday, August 29
FREE CLE Sponsored by the Law Library Committee of the Akron Bar Foundation
Ohio Notary Update
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Member News

Paul G. Perantinides Invests in WKSU's Independent Journalism: Newsroom to be Named "The Perantinides and Nolan Newsroom" Through Transformational Gift

WKSU’s state-of-art newsroom will be named The Perantinides & Nolan Newsroom, thanks to a transformational $250,000 gift from Attorney Paul G. Perantinides. The newsroom was reimagined and expanded in 2016 and is located within the WKSU Broadcast Center at Kent State University. The interactive space is the heart of WKSU’s news and information public service to the Northeast Ohio community, serving as the organizational hub and workspace for the station’s award-winning news team and Kent State student interns. This current-use gift is only the second at this level in WKSU history.

WKSU Executive Director and General Manager Wendy Turner says, “This gift in support of the WKSU newsroom strengthens local journalism in our region. Across the country, local news ecosystems are severely challenged by collapsing business models. Because of vast community support and historic investments like this one – WKSU is positioned to pick up the slack. Funding local news is an act of philanthropy but it's also an investment in the civic and cultural life of our region.”

Perantinides, a longtime member of WKSU’s Community Advisory Council, is committed to WKSU’s focus on public service journalism and the role it plays in preserving democracy by providing essential information to the public. The funds from Perantinides’ landmark gift will support the WKSU news operation – the journalists, editors, producers and student interns who work to cover Northeast Ohio news with depth and excellence – and will help the station to pursue new, impactful reporting projects and partnerships.  

From Akron Law

The Akron Law Career Services is busy planning and needs our help! They would like to offer law students the opportunity to practice their interview skills by offering one-on-one mock interviews with local practitioners. The mock interviews will be held at the attorney’s office or company, day or evening, whichever works best for you. Akron Law Career Services is asking those who are willing to conduct interviews to interview each student for 20-30 minutes and then offer 15 minutes or so of honest feedback.

In Memoriam

James Richard Bussman
May 9, 2019
"A life of success, laughter and love"

James "Buzz" Richard Bussman, age 71, passed away May 9, 2019, surrounded by his loving family.

Jim was born October 26,1947, in Queens, N.Y. He spent his childhood playing outdoors and taking family trips to Jones Beach. He was a skilled baseball player and after high school was offered a position with the Triple-A League New York Yankees.

Jim instead chose to attend Bowling Green State University on a baseball scholarship, where he majored in Business Administration and was an active member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He went on to attend the University of Akron, earned a degree in law and graduated second in his class. Jim started work at Alside in 1972 as a corporate attorney. His integrity and loyalty was apparent to everyone he knew, and he advanced to the position of Executive VP of Administration. He spent 30 years at the company before retiring in 2001
at the age of 53.

To Pin or Not to Pin: Should You Show Affiliations on Your Lapel in Court?

Tessa L. Dysart of The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, takes up the question of what to wear in court. Beyond the traditional dark suit and white or blue blouse or dress shirt, there's the question of whether you should or should not wear your affiliations on your lapel. Can the wearing of a particular pin look like an attempt to sway the judge?

(One of the examples noted by Dysart happened in Ohio.)

"Right Now, It's Like This":
Could a Modern Mantra Be the Secret
of a Better Life?

Mantra: A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

Life's not fair, and sometimes all you can do is deal with it. But attorney/writer Ephrat Livni suggests that taking a page from the meditative practices of Buddhism and giving it a modern twist can help you make some significant changes in your life. See what else she has to say about mantras....
Don't Forget the "Clothing for Indigent Defendants" Service
The Akron Bar, in partnership with Goodwill Industries, has completed the protocols and procedures for giving defense counsel access to courtroom-suitable clothing for their indigent clients. Click here for the procedure to obtain clothing....

Thanks to all who have been cleaning out their closets and contributing to the "Fill the Closet" Drive! We're almost ready to send another van full of clothing to Goodwill. Please donate today!
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