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From the Desk of the Council President

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Welcome to Issue 7 of Akron City Council's Legislative Spotlight.

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In the Legislative Spotlight, we share highlights from the Council's legislative agenda from Monday's Committee and Council meetings. Make sure you read through the 'Did You Know' section. We will continue to feature the definitions and information about commonly used terms and acquaint you with council-related facts.

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                                                              Margo Sommerville 

                                 Council President

                                                   Ward 3 Council Member

Legislative Highlights From Monday, October 17th, 2022

ORDINANCE 277-2022 

  • Authorizing a Conditional Use to establish a non-residential day programming drop-in center and to construct an addition at 450 Matthews Street; and declaring an emergency.

ORDINANCE 279-2022

  • Expressing support for H.R. 82, the Social Security Fairness Act of 2021 and S. 1302, the Social Security Fairness Act; and declaring an emergency.

ORDINANCE 282-2022 

  • Authorizing the Director of Public Service, after publicly advertising for bids, to enter into a contract or contracts for the construction of the Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction 2021 Large Diameter Lining Project; and declaring an emergency.

ORDINANCE 284-2022

  • Declaring the City of Akron to be an official Gateway City to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park; expressing appreciation for this unique natural and recreational attraction; and declaring an emergency.


Declaring an emergency allows Council to dispense with the requirement that a piece of legislation be read at three separate Council meetings, and allows the legislation to go into effect earlier than 30 days from the passage of the legislation.

You can see all the legislation discussed during the October 17th meeting at:


Refer and taking Time is when Council delays taking any action on a piece of legislation until a future meeting.

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