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Weekly, we share highlights from Council's legislative agenda from the previous Monday's Committee and Council meetings. We also feature the definitions of and information about commonly used terms and acquaint you with council-related facts.

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                                                              Margo Sommerville 

                                 Council President

                                                   Ward 3 Council Member

Legislative Highlights From Monday, January 23rd, 2023


ORDINANCE 15-2023 authorizing the Mayor, or his designee to apply for, accept, and expend an award under the OCJS Law Enforcement Violence Reduction and Staffing grant program; and declaring an emergency. This award will be used to fund personnel costs, equipment and supplies, software tools, and dash cameras for marked cruisers.

Are you interested in becoming a Police Officer? The City is currently accepting applications! See the job posting, as we well as other employment opportunities here.

ORDINANCE authorizing an amendment to the 2021 Consolidated Annual Action Plan to include HOME American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) funding as an eligible activity and authorizing the Director of Planning and Urban Development to enter into all necessary agreements for the operation and term of the Programs; and declaring an emergency. This legislation was referred to the Planning & Economic Development Committee for a public hearing to be held on January 30th. Public hearings are advertised in the Akron Beacon Journal and on our website at least 15 days prior to the public hearing. Please view the notice to learn more about how you can participate!



You can see all the legislation discussed during the January 23rd meeting at:

Downtown Akron Vision & Redevelopment Plan

The team from Downtown Akron Partnership presented to the Planning & Economic Development Committee this week. You can view this presentation here.

Share your ideas by scanning the QR code below or visiting

Akron Safe Pledge Program


Akron City Council has launched the Akron Safe Pledge Program to provide funding for creating a safe dining experience during a rise in COVID-19 cases this season. 

For more information on how to apply, visit:

Akron City Council Announces $250,000 Akron Safe Pledge Program | Akron City Council.

Rule 2.8 Duties of the President

The President shall maintain and keep the rules of Council, and countersign all requisitions for the purchase of miscellaneous materials for Council or the Council Clerk's Office. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President and in the absence of both the President and Vice-President, the President Pro-Tem shall perform these duties.

The President retains ultimate authority to direct and supervise the Clerk of Council, the Deputy Clerk of Council, and any of their staff.

You can view the Rules of Procedure for Akron City Council here.

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