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From the Desk of the Council President

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We share highlights from Council's legislative agenda from the previous Monday's Committee and Council meetings each week.  Definitions and information about commonly used terms and council-related facts are also featured.

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                                                              Margo Sommerville 

                                 Council President

                                                   Ward 3 Council Member

Legislative Highlights From Monday, March 20th, 2023


RESOLUTION NO. 69-2023 declaring it necessary to improve Miller Road between the termini of Ridgewood Road and West Market Street by resurfacing; and declaring an emergency. (Substitute offered as an amendment was read in). Vote: 13-0

ORDINANCE NO. 70-2023 authorizing the Director of Public Service, or his designee, to apply for, and if awarded, accept and enter into a grant agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for additional funding for the construction of the taxiway lighting and signage at the Akron Fulton Airport; and declaring an emergency. Vote: 13-0

Operating Budget

Council must pass the Operating Budget by the end of March. Budget documents can be accessed via our Agenda Portal.

Budget Hearings were held on Tuesday, March 14th, Wednesday, March 15th, and Thursday, March 16th in Council Chambers. You can view the discussion on YouTube.



You can see all the legislation discussed during the March 20th meeting at:


Akron City Council reopened applications for the vacant seat on the Citizens’ Police Oversight Board on March 21, 2023. See the Press Release for more details. All applications must be submitted either in person to City Hall or emailed by noon ET on Friday, March 31, 2023. 

Prior applicants need not reapply. Applications received after the deadline

will not be considered.


The City of Akron is dedicated to providing transparency into how we are investing Akron Rescue Plan funds. The Akron Rescue Plan Progress Tracker lists current and upcoming projects.

Akron Launches Zencity Engagement Platform

The City recently launched Akron Engage, a new online platform to gather more community feedback on various projects. The projects and programs currently featured on the Engage platform include: Glass Recycling Program, Police Community Relations, E. Exchange St. Corridor Project, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Car Share Program, and City Flag. Projects will be updated and added to over time.

Visit to learn more and get involved.

Akron Safe Pledge Program

Akron City Council has launched the Akron Safe Pledge Program to provide funding for creating a safe dining experience during a rise in COVID-19 cases this season. 

For more information on how to apply, visit:

Akron City Council Announces $250,000 Akron Safe Pledge Program | Akron City Council.

Roberts Rules of Order:

A manual on parliamentary procedure. In the absence of any provision governing matters of business in either the Rules of Procedure of Council, the laws of the State of Ohio, or the City Charter, Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the standard of parliamentary procedure for Council. 

You can view the Rules of Procedure for Akron City Council here.

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