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Legislative Highlights From Monday, July 10, 2023

ORDINANCE NO. 191-2023 authorizing the Purchasing Agent to enter into a contract or contracts, without the formality of publicly advertising for bids, with Cadenza Innovation for the purchase of networking switches for the Water Reclamation Facility Process Control System; and declaring an emergency. Vote: Ayes: 12, Nays: 0. The considerations of quality and timely delivery of the switches make Cadenza the best practical source to provide the necessary switches without the formality of advertising for bids.

ORDINANCE NO. 192-2023 authorizing the Mayor, or his designee, to participate in the Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program (WRRSP) and to enter into a Sponsorship Agreement for the sponsorship and implementation of the Cuyahoga River – Gorge Dam Removal Project; authorizing the Director of Finance to accept and expend funding under the terms and conditions of the Sponsorship Agreement and in furtherance of the Project; and declaring an emergency. Vote: Ayes: 12, Nays: 0. In return for acting as a sponsor, the Ohio EPA will advance a portion of the interest payments from the City of Akron's Direct Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) loan to pay for the implementation of the WRRSP projects. The City of Akron will have the interest rate on its WPCLF loan reduced by up to 0.1%.



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July 31, 2023:

Ordinance authorizing a Conditional Use to install continuous curb less parking at 274 Park Street.


Ordinance authorizing a Conditional Use to establish a dog day care at 1831 Wiltshire Road.


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Akron Safe Pledge Program

Akron City Council has launched the Akron Safe Pledge Program to provide funding for creating a safe dining experience during a rise in COVID-19 cases this season. 

For more information on how to apply, visit:

Akron City Council Announces $250,000 Akron Safe Pledge Program | Akron City Council.

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