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Legislative Highlights From Monday, October 16, 2023

Resolution No. 289-2023 expressing sympathy for the victims of the recent terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel; condemning violence of any kind; affirming Akron’s status as a welcoming community for those of the Jewish faith and any other religion; encouraging residents to offer support and sincere condolences to the Jewish people of Akron and all over the world; and declaring an emergency. Vote: Ayes: 13, Nays: 0.

Ordinance No. 291-2023 authorizing the Mayor or his designee to apply for and accept grant funding from Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) to help the city in the demolition of various structures; and declaring an emergency. Vote: Ayes: 13, Nays: 0.

Ordinance No. 296-2023 authorizing the Mayor or his designee to apply for and, if awarded, accept and expend grant funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance Project Safe Neighborhood Grant through the Northern Ohio Violent Crime Consortium; and declaring an emergency. Vote: Ayes: 13, Nays: 0. If awarded, this grant will provide funding to continue current efforts to address gun violence with evidence-based strategies that will use focused deterrence, community outreach, and increased intelligence gathering, communication, and gun-related investigations.

Resolution No. 298-2023 urging City of Akron voters to vote “Yes” on Issue 17; and declaring an emergency. Vote: Ayes: 13, Nays: 0.



You can see all the legislation discussed during the meeting at:

Issue 17

A levy that will fund the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board and will fund critical services for more than 5,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities for the years 2025-2030.

Summit DD has operated for 17 years without an increase in revenue while serving 30% more people. See these Frequently Asked Questions.

Akron City Council passed Ordinance No. 419-2008 declaring the

last Saturday in October from 5:00 to 7:00 PM as Trick or Treat night.

Establishing a uniform date and time for trick or treating in the City eliminates confusion and allows for greater security and a safer environment for participants. Citizens who wish to participate may indicate this to the neighborhood by turning on their porch lights between the hours to 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

Check out the calendar on

Council's website for

upcoming Ward Meetings!

If you have a specific city issue that you'd like to see resolved (a pothole, water leak, tree down, missed trash collection, etc.), you can enter it in the online system or call 311.

Upcoming Open Comment Public Hearings

Up for Public Hearing October 23, 2023:

Establishment of the City of Akron Form-Based Zoning Code and Rezoning the Merriman Valley.

Up for Public Hearing October 30, 2023:

Ordinance amending The Zoning Map by changing the Apartment House Use District Classification (U2, H2, A2) Use on property located south of the properties fronting E. Market Street from Fountain Street east to Ivan Place to a Retail Business Use District Classification (U3, H4, A5) Use.

Ordinance amending/supplementing Title 15, Chapter 153, “Zoning Code”, Section 153.140 “Definitions” and Section 153.310 “Business and Industry requirements” by establishing a form-based Urban Overlay district for the East Market Street Corridor. 

Ordinance amending/supplementing Title 15, Chapter 153, “Zoning Code”, Article 1 “General Provisions” and Article 6 “Development and Area District Requirements” regarding the East Market Street Urban Overlay Area; and declaring an emergency.


Notices are posted on our website at least 15 days prior to the meeting date.

If the Ordinance is a Conditional Use (Zoning measure), a notice is also mailed to the owners and residents of property within, contiguous to, and directly across the street from the property involved in the Ordinance (per Charter Section 34). Notices are also published in the Akron Beacon Journal.

You do not need to fill out any forms to participate. You may attend in person in Council Chambers or remotely via videoconference.

Those wishing to attend remotely need to notify the Clerk of Council as outlined in the meeting notice in order to receive the information to join remotely.

Public Comment Period

Those that wish to participate in the public comment period of a regular Council meeting need to submit a public comment form.

The sign-up form is available here.

For those that do not have a mobile device/computer to utilize, or need additional assistance, Council staff will be available in person before the meeting.

Signing up is a requirement of Council Rules, similar to other bodies. The only change from our previous sign-up procedure is that we made the process digital!


An indication by a member of Council, other than the member who made the motion, that he or she agrees that the proposed motion should be considered.

You can view the Rules of Procedure for Akron City Council here.

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