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Hello Joan,

Happy Women's History Month. Join us in recognizing the importance and contributions of revolutionary women throughout history, and celebrating their stories.

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                                                             Margo Sommerville 

                                 Council President

                                                   Ward 3 Council Member

Legislative Highlights From Monday, March 4, 2024

ORDINANCE 49-2024 authorizing the Mayor or his designee, without the formality of publicly advertising for bids, to enter into a contract or contracts with Guidehouse, Inc., for professional consulting services through the year 2027; and declaring an emergency. Vote: Ayes: 12, Nays: 0 (Kammer absent). This allows compliance and monitoring work to continue. You can view the ARPA Spending Dashboard here.

ORDINANCE 61-2024 authorizing the Mayor or his designee to enter into a grant agreement with Summit Medina Business Alliance, Inc. to provide financial support for the consulting services it provides to residents in furtherance of economic development in the City of Akron; and declaring an emergency. Vote: Ayes: 11, Nays: 0 (DeShazior abstained; Kammer absent). Read more about Summit Medina Business Alliance here.

The Public Service Committee received a presentation from SiFi Networks regarding plans to provide fiber internet access to every resident and business throughout the City of Akron by 2030. You can watch the presentation here and read the Mayor's full press release here.

2024 Operating Budget Hearings will take place next week. View the schedule here. The Final Appropriation Ordinance and Budget Resolution must be passed by March 31, 2024.



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The Women of Akron City Council:

Margo Sommerville, President of Council, Ward 3 Councilwoman

Linda F. R. Omobien, Councilwoman at Large

Jan Davis, Ward 4 Councilwoman

Tina Boyes, Ward 9 Councilwoman

Sharon Connor, Ward 10 Councilwoman

Akron City Council Staff:

Dr. Joan M. Williams, Council Chief of Staff

Sara Biviano, Clerk of Council

Michelle Rhodes, Deputy Clerk of Council

Maddison Stephenson, Administrative Assistant III

First Woman Elected to Akron City Council

Virginia Frances Beck Etheredge, 1900 – 1964

Virginia Frances Beck Etheredge, outspoken advocate of the union, was a positive force in helping to establish better relations between industry and labor.

Born in Lasca, Ala., and being one of nine children, Etheredge understood the importance of working together for the good of the whole. It was this thinking that enabled her to stand up for the rights of coworkers at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company during the labor strikes of the 1930s.

Having moved to Akron with her husband, Wiley J. when they were first married, Etheredge received the endorsement of Labor’s Non-Partisan League to serve as a council representative for factory workers. She won the election and became the first woman in that office in 1938 as a Ward 10 representative.

Etheredge was known in her neighborhood as a champion for causes involving the underdog. Her membership in Goodyear’s Local No. 2 of the United Rubber Workers (U.R.W.) was no different. She also served as the first recording secretary for the union. A skilled spokesperson, she used this ability to insist that Akron City Council find a way to work out problems between labor and industry.

When she was not involved in disputes between labor and industry, Etheredge worked on the Akron Recreation Commission. She and her husband were parents of one son, William J., and she was keenly interested in the parks and playgrounds of Summit County.

Etheredge was killed in a car accident in 1964, even as her name was on the ballot for a third term re-election. Always true to her long-held beliefs, in the November 3, 1937 issue of the Akron Beacon Journal, Etheredge is quoted as saying, “I want to have a part in bringing about the rehabilitation of Akron-the city without labor strife, instead of one of the leading cities with it.”

Photo courtesy Woman’s History Project of the Akron Area

Penny Fox

Upcoming Open Comment Public Hearings


Up For Public Hearing March 11, 2024:

(during 5:00 p.m. Special Meeting)

Ordinance amending/supplementing Title 15, Chapter 153, “Zoning Code,” Article 2 “Districts and Maps” and Article 5 “Accessory Uses in Residence Districts” by adding use districts to the Form-Based Zoning Code. (Summit Lake Rezoning) Learn more about Form-Based Zoning here.

Up For Public Hearing March 25, 2024:

(during 5:00 p.m. Special Meeting)

Ordinance authorizing a Conditional Use to construct additional parking at 2330 Smith Road.


Ordinance authorizing a Conditional Use to expand an auto salvage business at 1483 Triplett Boulevard.


Ordinance authorizing a Conditional Use to place an off-premises hi-rise sign at 1570 Frederick Boulevard.


Notices are posted on our website at least 15 days before the meeting.

Suppose the Ordinance is a Conditional Use (Zoning measure). In that case, a notice is also mailed to the owners and residents of property within, contiguous to, and directly across the street from the property involved in the Ordinance (per Charter Section 34). Notices are also published in the Akron Beacon Journal.

You do not need to fill out any forms to participate. You're able to attend in person in Council Chambers or remotely via videoconference.

Those wishing to attend remotely need to notify the Clerk of Council as outlined in the meeting notice in order to receive the information to join remotely.

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The minimum number of members who must be present to officially conduct business. A quorum of Council is a majority of all of the members of Council, a quorum of a committee is three members.

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Check out this glossary of terms from Signal Akron.

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