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Legislative Highlights From Monday, April 24th, 2023

The following Ordinance was introduced:

Ordinance approving the 2023 Consolidated Annual Action Plan including applications and certifications for the Community Development Block Grant (“Community Development”), the HOME Investment Partnership (“HOME”), and Emergency Solutions Grant (“ESG”) Programs; authorizing the Director of Planning and Urban Development to enter into all necessary contracts for the operation and term of the Programs; and declaring an emergency.

The City of Akron is seeking citizen input regarding community needs. The City of Akron is working to develop the 2023 Annual Action Plan. The Annual Action Plan identifies goals and the budget for activities funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) utilizing Community Block Grant funds, HOME Investment Partnership funds, and Emergency Solutions Grant Program funds.

This funding has historically been used to support homelessness outreach and support, affordable housing, economic development initiatives, social services, parks and open spaces, and public improvements. You can attend the open comment public hearing on May 8 or take this survey!



You can see all the legislation discussed during the meeting at:

Reminder: The Primary Election will be held Tuesday, May 2nd.

 Visit Summit County Board of Elections for more information!

Akron Safe Pledge Program

Akron City Council has launched the Akron Safe Pledge Program to provide funding for creating a safe dining experience during a rise in COVID-19 cases this season. 

For more information on how to apply, visit:

Akron City Council Announces $250,000 Akron Safe Pledge Program | Akron City Council.

Executive Session

A closed-door session of Council for the purpose of discussing a particular confidential matter, in accordance with law.

You can view the Rules of Procedure for Akron City Council here.

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