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Artist Profile
Three Artists from Horned Toad Prints
horned toad prints
We had the pleasure of collaborating with the members of Horned Toad Prints, Manuel Guerra, Francisco Delgado, and Raul Monarrez at this year's Southern Graphics Conference International (SGCI) in Dallas. These three fantastic printmakers participated in our stop motion animation project, "Nested World," and they left a real impression -- pun intended.
When talking with the three members, Raul stated "Horn Toad Prints is a unique studio/print shop that is owned by my best friend and fellow printmaker, Manuel Guerra. This unique shop has a very welcoming feeling, like an old-fashioned barber shop. The walls encompass a feeling of young lads reminiscing in conversations that unlock deeply-held thoughts that revolve around social, economic, and satirical talk to the subconscious dreams of a madman. Long nights and countless print editions that we have made do not compare to the friendship, memories and journeys we have embarked."
Manuel Guerra
My work is about my personal experiences living in the El Paso, TX. / Cd. Juarez, MX. area. I mix memories and iconography from the past and present to produce drawings and prints of hilarious caricatures and lampoons in which the outcome is usually bizarre and/or violent. They strongly point out the hypocrisy, foolishness, moral and ethical transgressions observed in the human fraternity of life.
In the Horned Toad Prints studio, I like to use Akua Intaglio® ink when I am proofing etchings or editioning drypoints. It is soft, buttery and wipes more easily and quickly than oil-based inks. In addition, Akua Inks are safer to use and easier to clean up. They can be used without special ventilation and remove toxic solvents from the studio. 
Francisco Delgado 
Delgado’s “Bordeño” artworks are informed by the social and cultural struggles inherent in life on the Mexican and United States' Border. He often uses dark humor and satire to depict his narratives.
Raul Monarrez
 I was first introduced to Akua Inks through a professional development workshop given by my school district. I immediately fell in love with the viscosity of the ink and its lush velvet consistency. I use it when printing at “Horn Toad Prints” for intaglio, collagraphs, reliefs, and monotype prints. I currently use Akua Inks in my high school art program and my students are enjoying the ease of flow of this product.
New Videos
"From Print to Sculpture," with Susan Rostow
Carborundum Gel: Light Field / Additive Techniques for Painterly Processes
Learn how to create painterly, carborundum plates using Akua Carborundum Gel. Susan Rostow will demonstrate mixing the Carborundum Gel with an acrylic medium for brushwork and creating a wide range of tonal values on your plates. She will also show methods for inking the plates to achieve rich color and tips for producing unique prints.  

Southern Graphics Conference International
March 2019 (Dallas, Texas)
Nested World
A collaborative animation created by 20 different artists at SGCI Dallas, 2019
 In order to incorporate “Texchange” into this stop frame, monoprint animation project, we decided to incorporate maps and global imagery as a part of the animation. These images will riff off of the thematic concepts of spreading information and ideas through a shared space with contributors from all over the world. With the unique working properties of printmaking materials and techniques, the making of the animation can be collaborative, or fluidly seamed together through monotype, etching and other processes.   

Read about the development of Akua Carborundum Gel in the article "CARBORUNDUM COLLAGRAPH, Printmaking Through Texture" by Susan Rostow, published in the latest issue of Grabado y Edicón | Print and Art Edition Magazine. 

For the full issue of Grabado y Edicón | Print and Art Edition Magazine, click here
Workshops and Demo's directory
Check out the video of Susan Rostow's demo presented at IMPACT 10 Encuentro, 
 International Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference, Santander, Spain. 

2019 Summer Workshops
A Mixed Media Printmaking Experience in Ireland
with Ron Pokrasso and New Mexico
Mixed Media Monoprinting with Susan Rostow in Vermont
Drypoint & Color with Joyce Silverstone in Tennessee
Monotype Printmaking with Anthony Kirk in Ireland
Congrats to our artists Catherine Kernan, Neal Ambrose-Smith, Ron Pokrasso, Dan Welden and Joyce Silverstone on their contributions to 
Singular & Serial: Contemporary Monotype and Monoprint , by Catherine Kernan & E. Ashley Rooney, with Laura G. Einstein & Janice Oresman