Al-Naseer September News
To All Members of Miami Jama 'a t ,

السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ

It is with great humility I am writing to all members of Miami Jama’at that respected Ameer sahib, USA, has approved new Amila members for the term 2019-2021 following the election held on March 23 rd , 2019.

As we start the New Amila year with prayers, I want to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the following matters of utmost importance:

  1. The observance of Salat is a fundamental divine directive which has been declared to be the very reason for the creation of a human being. For men, congregational prayers are obligatory. This means that men should come to the mosque for prayers but if living far away then go the nearest Salat center. Similarly, efforts are needed to increase our attendance at Juma Prayers – (See Salat and Jumua centers flyer sent to every household)
  2. While Jama’at, centrally and locally, carry out concerted tabligh efforts, it is also the duty of every Ahmadi Muslim to give time to this task. Our local Imam Sahib and Secretary tabligh will be reaching out to every household to recruit and train active da’yeen (preachers). It is my humble request to support them with your time and suggestions that will open up new avenues and enable us to convey the message of Allah effectively.
  3. Huzoor e Anwer (atba) has reminded us at several occasions that the service to Jama’at “should not be considered an insignificant matter and should not be taken superficially”. Miami Jama’at is in constant need of volunteers who can give at least one hour per week. It is a great opportunity to earn the pleasure of Allah by sacrificing your time. If you are available, contact me and we can assign you to help us out.
  4. Financial sacrifices and contributions: The Promised Messiah (as) rightfully declared that financial sacrifice is today’s Jihad. Every Ahmadi Muslim should take part in this Jihad by offering sacrifices. To facilitate chunda payments, now we can pay chanda online in addition to the regular system.

May Allah reward each of us with His Divine Light, and Protect us and Guide us to fulfil our pledge that we made with the Imam of the time. May Allah be with us. Ameen!

Wassalam, Humbly,

Tariq Mahmood
Serving President,
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Miami
Cell: 305-926-4492 | Email:        
Priorities for next two weeks
October 4 - First jumua. Respected President, missionary and tarbiyat secretary to call members who don’t come and politely urge them to attend jumua. Students should take time off from schools for prayers. 

October 1-10: Salat Ashara. Huzoor-e-Anwar expects 100% of Jamaat and Khuddam/Ansar Amila members to come to masjid for congregational Salat during the Ashara. If a member lives too far, they should go to a Salat Center. 

National Tarbiyat Department
From Waqf e Jadid Department: 

The year for Waqf-e-Jadid will be drawing to a close very soon,as we are well into the last quarter of the year ; the opportunity for participation will be fast receding for the year.
This is the Blessed Scheme for training of our new Brothers in Africa and India, where Allah Ta'ala has granted large conversions in recent.
Iam humbly asking that we make a special plea to all Jama'at Members,so as to accomplish the target of $1.6 M.

Notwithstanding the sacrifices being made now and consistently made by our Membership, it is appropriate to remind everyone of the challenge before us, and ask for special financial sacrifices so as to meet our goals in the Blessed Waqf-e-Jadid.
Let us maximize the number of those who are participating in this Chandra.Also , let us be more generous in the individual giving .
If everyone join in the maximum,then the tide will rise the flow to accomplish our Target.
Tehrik e Jadid's fiscal year is closing on October 31
Respected Secretary Sahib Tahrik Jadid has sent the following information:

2019 Goal:  2.45 Million

Participation target:  17000

A minimum 10% increase in collections and a 15% increase in participation.

Based on these numbers we need to make sure every one in our household is part of the blessed scheme of Tehrik e Jadid.

Secondly, please contact secretary sahib Tehrik e Jadid, Dr. Anwer Kashif to check if your TJ chanda is paid or needs to be paid. Jazakumullah wa Ahsanuljaza!

Dr. Anwer Kashif: Cell# 954 552 7803
Department of Taleem ul Quran (Quran studies is conducted Arabic language classes on regualr basis, Contact Mudhathir Adedeji, Secretary Taleem ul Quran
Tahir Academy Miami classes are in full swing. If you want to volunteer to teach, contact Principal TAM.

'I shall cause thy message to reach corners of the world'
Tabligh department is regularly organizing outreach activities. The department needs help from volunteers to distribute flyers and engage in Tabligh. If you can spare sometime for this noble cause, contact Zafar Suraleigh. For more information:
Dr. Khalid Minhas travelled to Bahamas with Humanity First to help with releif efforts. Our local Humanity First team done a tremendous job by getting generator parts and medication which were needed on an urgent basis in Bahama and shipped it within few hours Outstanding team work May Allah Ta’ala give them its best reward ameen!.

Every dollar you raise can save someone's life Consider becoming a monthly donor by selecting "Monthly" on donation page!
Here’s what your 12 monthly donations can do:
$8 a month for one year can restore vision of a blind person by providing free Cataract surgery.

$10 a month for one year can help an expecting mother with regular care and safe delivery.
$10 a month for one year supports training of women in sewing skills to support their families, or providing for education of a child at Humanity First schools in Africa.  
MKA Miami participated in Beach cleanup.
Majlis Atfal ul Ahmadiyya Miami participated in regional Atfal Rally in Atlanta, GA.
Majlis Ansarullah Miami participated in National Ijtema in Baitur Rahman Silver Spring, MD.
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Miami participated in 9/11 Memorial service in Hallandale Beach.
Tehrik e Jadid Day
National Secretary Tehrik Jadid especially travelled to Miami to attend our TJ day celebrations.

Jama'at Ahmadiyya Miami held its annual Tehrik-e-Jadid Day meeting on Sunday, Sep. 14, 2019. Respected Anwar Mahmood Khan sahib, National Secretary Tehrik-e-Jadid presided over the meeting. The program was started with Tilawat by brother Mudathir Adediji sahib, followed by English translation. A Khadim, Mushfequr Rahman sahib narrated Hadith on the subject of financial sacrifices. The opening remarks and welcome speech was delivered by Dr. Anwer Ksahif sahib, Tehrik e Jadid secretary Miami, on the subject of Tehrik Jadid - its aim, objectives, and history. Later, National Secretary Tehrik-e-Jadid delivered a faith-inspiring speech. He related the Quranic prophecy of 'the paradise made closer' in the context of financial sacrifices. That it is a great favor of Allah upon us that we have been chosen to offer our humble monies in His way as Allah is not in need of our wealth. It is His sheer grace and mercy that we, Ahmadis, are reaping the fruit of financial sacrifice in the form of Tehrik e Jadid. The mission of the Promised Messiah (as) is bound to fulfill whether we partake towards its success or not. It is our loss and we will deprive our generations of these blessings if we do not pay heed to financial sacrifices. National secretary sahib also reminded the Jamaat about the Zion project that every household must contribute at least 1000$. Later, it was informed by Sadr sahiba Lajna Imaellah Miami that a member of Lajna donated her gold bracelet in the way of Allah and for the cause of Tehrik e Jadid.

At the occasion, Tahir Academy Miami students delivred 2-3 min. speeches to remind the audience about 19 demands of Tehrik Jadid set forth by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II ra which were appreciated by the guests. This year Miami Jamaat put extra efforts to highlight the subject of Tehrik e Jadid in order to educate youth about the significance of the day. A specially designed banner was prepared and decorated by Atfal at the mosque hall and Lajna hall. Overall the program was very successful, more than 100 members attended the program. Requesting prayers that May Allah Ta'ala enable our Jamaat to fulfill the wishes of Huzoor e Anwer (aba).
Upcoming Events | October/November 2019
Oct. 20
Trabiyyat Workshop by Imam Tariq Naseem
10:30 am
Baitul Naseer Mosque
208 NW 7th Ct. Hallandale Beach 33009
Oct. 31
Tehrik e Jadid financial year is ending.

Oct. 26

Latino Health Fair with interview

Nov. 8
Mosque visit of Students from FIU Religious Studies
12 noon