Monthly News & Updates 
It's crazy that it's already September. Summer flew by! We're happy to see everyone back from vacation and classes are filling up again. We've also been happy to see the gym packed at 5am! That is not an easy class to attend - it's early, it's dark, and the excuses to skip can go on and on. For the 5am & 6am attendees, we love that you're making it a priority in your day. We are also honored that you share your morning with us. Regardless of when you workout, we are so grateful to all the athletes that train with us. Classes have been growing, run team is HUGE, and our triathletes are consistently committed. What a joy and honor it is to coach such a fun group of athletes. 

We've got some things going on, some dates you need to save, and some celebrations worth sharing! Check out what's going on below! 
Updated Class & Open Gym Hours: 

We've updated the gym hours and they are effective on Sept 1. 

IRON XT class schedule: 
Monday, Wednesday: 5am, 6am, 12pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm.
Friday: 5am, 6am, 12pm, 5:30pm. 
Tuesday, Thursday: 5am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm. 
Saturday: 9am, 10:30am. 

Open Gym schedule: 
Monday - Friday: 7am - 12pm.  
Monday - Fri: 4pm - 5:30pm. 
Saturday: 11am to 1pm. 

For the full class schedule, head over to MindBody
Run Team 
participates in first race of the season!   

Our runners are busy training for San Antonio Rock'n'Roll Half and Full Marathon! They had a great race at the 5k & 10k Scallywompus event! A big shout-out to our first time racers and to our 5 podium finishers! Renee Patlan  got 2nd place in her age group (AG),  Kenneth Wethington got  4th place AG,  Bill Nauschuetz got  2nd place AG, Noah Collins got 1st place AG and Anne Sheldrake got 1st place AG
So proud of everyone!  
Also, this is our largest run group to date. We are at 29 runners strong! Thanks Head Coach Lexa and Assistant Coach Marcello for all that you do to lead this great group of athletes! 

Beginner triathletes race their FIRST EVER triathlon! 

A HUGE congrats to our Rookie To Race Triathletes that participated in their first triathlon, Dam 09. 400m swim, 9 mile bike, 4K run. 

Many of them joined not being able to swim more than a few laps and finished being able to swim 16 lengths! They remained dedicated to the 10 week program and finished as triathletes! Congratulations! And a BIG congrats to Coach Crystal for all her hard work, support and expertise to help get the newbies to the finish line. It was a team effort and everyone did so well! 

Our next Rookie To Race program will start up in 2017. 
TOP 3 Finishers of the 180 Fitness Challenge!    

Congrats to Anne Sheldrake, Cate Compton, and John Wahlstedt for an incredible total body transformation during the 180 Fitness Challenge Summer Shape Up. 

10 weeks, 6 workouts a week. Through exercise and diet they each lost considerable body fat, gained muscle and have become strong athletes in the gym! 

Anne is now on the run team training for the SA Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon, and John and Cate are monthly members taking IRON classes nearly every day at the gym! Great job guys! Way to remain dedicated to an active lifestyle! 

Tri Team lands podium spots and lots of PRs    

Congrats to our triathletes with strong performances at Dam 09 Triathlon AND at Manly Man/Strong Woman Triathlon. 

At Dam 09, special shout out to our athletes Emilee Letarte, winning her age group, and Mark Hecht and Barbara Smith for taking home 2nd place. Racing with a team is fun! Go Alamo 180 GO!! 

At Manly Man/Strong Woman Tri, Jared got 2nd in his AG! Racing with a team is fun! Go Alamo 180 GO!! 

Many of our triathletes are still busy training to complete their goal race at the end of the month: race distances are Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman. Go Team Go! 
IRON XT | Cornerstone Benchmark   

Saturday, September 17th.
9am & 10:30am. 

Complete for time:
100 pull-ups 
100 push-ups 
100 sit-ups 
100 air squats 
600 meter run

Open Water Swim

Join Alamo 180 at Boerne Lake on Saturday, September 17 for an open water swim. There will be kayak and coach support. $17/drop-in.  Sign up here Email Coach Bree at with any questions. 

Swim Times: 7:15am for Experienced open water swimmers, 8:00am for Novice open water swimmers. 

There are several open water swim triathlons coming up soon! This is the perfect chance to get in a safe, open water swim and get race ready! 


Swim Skills Clinic. Tuesdays Oct 4 & 11 @7:30pm. San Antonio College. Topics will include rotation, alignment and underwater pull. Get more efficient in your stroke and take your triathlon endeavors to another level! Must have water confidence and be able to swim 25 yards (perfect freestyle form not even required!) in order to attend the clinic.  Learn more here! 

Alamo 180  | 312 Melrose Place, SA, TX 78212 | 210-371-6515 |