July 24, 2017
Vol. 4, Issue 13
Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board
Dr. Yvonne Katz
District 7

Vice Chair
Marcelo Casillas
District 4

Dr. Gene Sprague
District 6

Asst. Secretary
Denver McClendon
District 2

Joe Alderete, Jr.
District 1

Anna U. Bustamante
District 3

Roberto Zarate
District 5

Clint Kingsbery
District 8

James Rindfuss
District 9

Alicia Moreno
Student Trustee


Dr. Bruce Leslie
Alamo Colleges
Alamo Colleges District - San Antonio College Upward Bound Program Nets $1.28 Million Grant
The Alamo Colleges District - San Antonio College Upward Bound program has been awarded a $1.28 million federal grant.

The Department of Education has awarded a new $1.28 million grant to help fund the Upward Bound program at Alamo Colleges District - San Antonio College for the next five years. The Upward Bound program's mission is to increase the rate at which students complete secondary education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of postsecondary education. The program provides opportunities for participants to succeed in their pre-college performance and ultimately in their higher education pursuits. 

Upward Bound serves high school students from low-income families and high school students from families in which neither parent holds a bachelor's degree. The new grant will allow the program to serve students from Fox Tech and Burbank High Schools.  

"We would like to acknowledge our great partnership with the Upward Bound - Math and Science Grant program for helping us prepare for our summer activities," said Program Coordinator Melissa Zepeda. "We are grateful for all the support that President Robert Vela, Vice President of Student Success Lisa Alcorta, and Interim Dean of Student Success Richard Farias grant manager have given us." Zepeda also thanksed grant writer Susan Espinoza and grant monitor Judy Rivas for their hard work and dedication. 

International Students Complete Entrepreneurship Program Offered by Alamo Colleges District
Recent international graduates from the Alamo Colleges District Entrepreneurship Program display their certificates of completion.

Ten students newly arrived in the U.S. recenlty earned certificates for completing an Entrepreneurship Program offered by the Alamo Colleges District in partnership with Catholic Charities. This is the first coursework the students, from Central and South America, have completed at an American college. 

In addition to entrepreneurship, the students received instruction in English as a Second Language, citizenship and U.S. laws. The program is the first step for these students, who hope to achieve the American dream of owning their own businesses.

Alamo Colleges District Continuing Education Instructor Tony Talamantez, who taught the program, presented the students with their certificates. Among the graduates is Rosa Escobedo, already the owner of Haircuts by Rosa, who enrolled in the program to increase her clientele and understand American laws. Many of the students are also studying to become U.S. citizens.

Jake Torres and Tanae Cherron Nious, both NLC graduates, received the Terry Foundation Scholarship.

Alamo Colleges District - Northeast Lakeview College Students Awarded Scholarships

Alamo Colleges District - Northeast Lakeview College (NLC) students Tanae Cherron Nious and Jake Torres have been awarded the prestigious Terry Foundation Scholarship. They will receive a combined total of more than $90,000 to continue their education.

Nious received her associate of art degree from NLC in 2017 and will be transferring to Texas Women's University (TWU) to pursue a bachelor's and a master's degree in social work. She received the Terry Transfer Scholarship and will receive $40,500 ($13,500/year) over three years. Her ultimate goal is to become an educational social worker to help disadvantaged youth.

Torres is a 2017 NLC graduate and will attend the University of Texas at San Antonio to study business administration. His ultimate goals include completing his MBA and an internship in business administration. Torres received $50,100 from the Terry Foundation.

The  Terry Foundation is the largest private source of scholarships in Texas. Its mission is to improve and develop the state by enabling Texas students to attend the state's finest public universities. Students must meet very high standards to receive these scholarships.

In addition to the $90,000 these students received from the Terry Foundation, they also received $10,000 in other scholarships funded by the Humana Foundation and Phi Theta Kappa, among others.

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