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Alan Gratz Visits The Bookies (and tells us about his books!)
e were so pleased to bring Alan Gratz, thanks to Scholastic Inc., to two Denver schools and to visit our store! We were lucky enough to spend time with Alan and get the low-down on what his books really are about. Below are his own words about his six Scholastic books, including his new-this-week novel, ALLIES. Come by today to pick up your SIGNED copies of his books, while supplies last! Signed books make great gifts for the readers in your world! Look for the display of his various autographed books at the front of the store right now.  

Prisoner B-3087 is based on the true story of a man named Jack Gruener, who as a boy survived TEN different Nazi
concentration camps during World War II.

Code of Honor is the story of a high school senior named Kamran Smith. Kamran is Persian-American and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Darius, who is a US Army Ranger serving in Afghanistan. But one day, Kamran's brother goes online claiming credit for a terrorist attack. Suddenly everyone thinks Kamran and his whole family are terrorists, and Kamran has to go on the run from the US government to prove his older brother's innocence.

Project 1065 is the story of an Irish boy named Michael who lives in Nazi Germany during WWII because his father is the Irish Ambassador. He and his family hate the Nazis, but they smile and pretend to get along with them because they have a secret: in addition to being diplomats, Michael and his family are spies, collecting information about Nazi Germany and sending it back to England and America to help win the war.

Refugee is the story of three different kids, from three different eras and three different parts of the world, all of whom are driven from their homes by violence and hate to find places of refuge with their families.

Grenade is about the battle of Okinawa. It was the last major battle of WWII, fought between the United States and Japan. I got to go to Japan a few years ago, and while I was there I met an older man who had been a kid on the island of Okinawa during WWII, and he told me an incredible story. He said the U.S. invaded his island, the Japanese Army pulled him and the other middle school boys out of school, took them outside, lined them up, and gave them each a grenade. They told them "Go into the forest and don't come back until you've killed an American soldier with your grenade." That's the first chapter of my book, and what my main character Hideki does with his grenade is the rest of the story.

Allies is my newest book and is the story of D-DAY told from the viewpoint of six different characters! What happens when marginalized people go to war for their country?

Fresh Ink
Chris Colfer 
The creator of The Land of Stories is back! This time we are introduced to a brand new series, sure to delight old and new fans alike. Looking for something really special? We have a limited number of signed first editions of this book in our store! Hurry in today to pick up your own! 
The Fountains of Silence 
Ruta Sepetys
Set in Spain in 1957, this Young Adult novel has action, love, war, and tragedy. The Bookies has a VERY limited number of signed first editions in the store right now.  
From the author of THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER comes a horror novel burning up the charts this season. Young Chris vanishes one day, then returns with a voice and a mission.  

Are you looking for a truly scary set of stories this Halloween season? We aren't sure which of the thirteen tales is the scariest, but we know the first two kids one of our employees read this to gave up after two stories out of fear. The words are haunting, and the illustrations even scarier!
The Bookies is excited to offer another book with a limited quantity of signed first editions. Pulitzer Prize winner Strout returns for what is being called 'the most anticipated book of the fall season'. Olive Kitteridge returns as only she can.   
Ann Patchett          
At the end of World War II, Cyril buys a dream home in Philadelphia known as The Dutch House. Over the next half a century, this action will devastate the lives of everyone he loves. Already #1 on our bestseller list, The Dutch House is on its way to modern classic status.  

The Game Board
JAWS: The Game
Ages 12 & Up.

Duuuuunnnn nuuuuuhhhhhh.
Duuuuunnnn nuuuuuhhhhhh.
You know the song, you know the movie, you know the shark....but do you know the game? A hit already, this is a perfect game for the more mature kids in your life, or fans of the classic film that ruined swimming. Check out more about it here in this video from Ravensburger, click here to buy it on our website, or come by the store today to see a demo and get ready to never want to go into the water, or your game room, again!


The Spoooooky Booooookies Halloween Party 

Make sure you come by the store on Saturday, October 26th, starting at 11:00am for our annual Halloween Party! Costumes encouraged! Keep your eyes on our Events page (click here) for full details next week! 

The Junior League is coming to The Bookies! 

And for our adult friends, it's time to see what all the fuss is about with the bestselling cookbook of the year. CENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONS is the book, and it's put out by The Junior League of Denver, which will be joining us on Saturday, October 26th from 11:00am-1:00pm, to talk about the book and offer up samples of the incredible dishes from within!


The Bookies is looking for someone to help out during the holidays. Applicants must be able to work during the week and one weekend day per week and be flexible to work possibly other times
during the season.
If you are interested, please email
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