Mounting Alarms
In a previous email we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of mounting a door alarm on the wall versus directly on the door (See January 2017 e-mail)

M ost exit devices today offer an optional alarm kit that sounds an alert when an exit is made through the door . As an alternative, the alarm can always be mounted on the wall.

Benefits of Including the Alarm as a Part of the Exit Device
  • One self-contained unit to order and install
  • The electronics are protected within the exit device, but will be exposed to weather when the door is open
  • The alarm doesn't take up valuable wall space
Benefits of Separating the Alarm from the Exit Device
  • Because the alarm and its electronics will be subject to the same abuse as the door and the exit device, mounting the alarm on the wall helps protect it from door abuse and exposure to weather
  • An alarm integral to the device moves with the door. When the door is open, the alarm may not sound as loud as it does when the door is closed
  • Most alarmed exit devices do not monitor whether the door is closed and secured, but instead monitor the push bar. They are, however, usually available with latch bolt monitoring
  • A hard-wired alarm inside an exit device requires some method of power transfer
  • A wall-mounted alarm can be used to monitor a pair of doors

Did You Know?

While servicing exit devices with wired slide-in alarm kits, it's necessary to keep the wires connected; but you'll sometimes find that you don't have enough hands to hold the electronics, tools, a phone, a flashlight, etc.
One solution is to flip over the slide-in filler alarm kit and let the exit device hold the filler plate (see image above). This lets you service the electronics with both hands without fear of dropping and damaging the unit.
We hope you find this tip helpful for your next service call involving alarmed exit devices.
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