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June 2018
State Bill to Provide Data from NOAA about Sportfish and Hunting Guides for Tax Auditing Passes in Alaska Legislature

HB 267 has passed the state legislature. The proposed law lumps charter fishing operators with commercial fishermen by requiring NOAA to turn over confidential $ data to local governments to verify your tax bill. 

The charter industry was promised confidentiality on logbook data submitted to NOAA Fisheries, with the understanding that this data would only be used for fishery management.

While the ACA supports paying your honest taxes, we have questions about how the data handover will affect our industry in the future, and... we were told these data were confidential.

The bill is sitting on the Governor's desk, awaiting a signature or a veto. Contact Gov. Walker with your thoughts on this tax bill.  

In other legislation, HB 260 sets a framework for the use of electronic licenses that can be kept on your smart phone, along with apps for data collection. This is a good idea and the wave of the future. 
Federal Enforcement Reports on Abuse of Commercial Fishery Observers

Impacts to Data Collection in Commercial Fisheries

Federal enforcement officials delivered a n eye-opening report to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting this month. Observers on commercial fishing vessels, fed employees, experience widespread interference in their jobs. The results from an anonymous survey of the observers cast a dark shadow on the industry. Offers of bribes, sexual harassment and assault, refusal to assist with duties cast doubt on confidence in the data the public receives about fishery management. 

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