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September 2018: 

IPHC Update
NOAA Town Hall Report
North Council Meeting Outlook

IPHC Scientific Review Board Meets Sept. 25-27

The Review Board will meet in Seattle next week to discuss science matters in halibut management. You can register for the webinar to listen in remotely, and find more information here

In case you missed it... ACA President Richard Yamada was appointed to a seat on the International Pacific Halibut Commission. This is the first time in history that the U.S.  ha s sent a recreational fisherman to represent the country in the international body. For the first time we have a voice and a vote at the heart of the halibut management process.  

Report: NOAA Town Hall Meeting in Juneau with Admiral Gallaudet

NOAA hosted a  T own Hall event in Juneau at the end of August. 

The purpose of the meeting: to provide information about the implementation of the  Department of Commerce's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, with an emphasis on the economic health of American fisheries.

Topics included reducing the seafood trade deficit, and supporting maritime commerce, fisheries, recreation, and tourism. 

Rear Admiral Timothy Gallaudet, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for NOAA, provided opening remarks on behalf of his agency's  efforts to promote the "blue economy" - especially fisheries and tourism. 

ACA President Richard Yamada and other fishing industry reps shared the platform with NOAA at the Town Hall. 

Speakers from the commercial fishing industry warned of expansion of finish aquaculture into Alaska, aside from existing salmon hatcheries.

They were also concerned about the effects of tariffs in trade negotiations. 

Richard Yamada highlighted the need for flexibility in the management of recreational fisheries and argued for stability and predictability for setting future fishing seasons.

Outlook on the North Council Meeting in Anchorage, first Week of October:

The registration of rental boats is still being considered by the North Pacific Management Council. Currently, these rentals are not actively managed other than being counted as non-charter halibut landings (if indeed, they target halibut at all). 

The action memo states, "Total recreational halibut harvest declined in areas 2C and 3A from 2003 to 2016. In area 2C, the guided harvest declined while the unguided harvest, although variable, remained near 1 million pounds from 2003- 2016. In 2011, the proportion of halibut caught by unguided anglers in area 2C exceeded the proportion caught by guided anglers for the first time. This may explain the perception that unguided catch is increasing despite the overall stability shown in catch data. Both guided and unguided halibut catch declined in area 3A from 2003-2016. The proportion of halibut caught by unguided anglers has remained at approximately 40% of the total sport catch in area 3A from 2003-2016."

If you provide rental fishing boats to clients who target halibut, you may want to spend an evening by the fire reading the full discussion paper here.

No action will be taken at this meeting, but as the discussion progresses the options will narrow. The Advisory Panel will take it up on Friday, October 5th, and the Council will be taking testimony on the rental boat issue on Monday, October 8th, at 1pm, but their scheduling may change - details here

Season of Renewal: ACA Membership

Full charter ACA members have voting privileges in our annual elections for the Board of Directors. Your business receives a link on the ACA website to yours. Clients like to see their charter captains engaged in conservation and the management process to defend the rights of recreational fishermen in Alaska. 

We've updated  this page of members and their websites, so if you've neglected to renew, please do so now and we won't have to drop you from sight!

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