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Reeling Stoner
Redington Ballroom Millenium Hotel
Denny Rickards


June 30 Matanuska Lake for the clinic.


July 1 for normal monthly meeting at the Millenium Hotel
7 PM


Denny Rickards


For the past 30 years, Denny Rickards has had an opportunity to fish and guide anglers over some of the most challenging trophy trout waters in the Western United States.  His simplistic approach and techniques on presentation have accounted for browns over 20 pounds, cutthroats to 15 pounds, and rainbows in excess of 16 pounds.


Over 250 days a year are spent doing what he loves best; guiding, writing, tying flies, conducting fly fishing schools, and field testing developing tackle manufactures' products.


As a professional fly tier, his suggestive patterns have appeared in various outdoor magazines and are on display at Cushners Fly Fishing Museum in Florence, Oregon.  Based on past reviews, his books and companion videos are now considered the "bibles" for fly fishing lakes. 


When he isn't fishing or guiding, many hours are spent studying trout behavior, their habitat and the various insects found within their environment. 


His knowledge and ability to teach other were a prerequisite to establishing his fly fishing schools/clinics which have become a priority for anglers seeking the ultimate from their angling experiences.


 taken from his website


Contributed by Jolynne Howard
The grass at Taku Lake Park was Fly Line Central on June 2 as Steve Rajeff led 14 club members through an intermediate casting workshop. When it comes to delivering long, accurate casts or dropping a fly on a dime, no one in the world does it better than Steve. Assisted by Master Casting Instructor Tony Weaver, eager students fine-tuned their skills for more efficient loops, better accuracy and bragging rights to say they learned from the best of the best.
rajeff clinic participants


Redington Ballroom Millenium Hotel
After the July monthly meeting, we will have 2 meetings at alternate sites.  Please mark your calendars for 
  • August 5th, 5 p.m. - Annual AFF Picnic - Mirror Lake
  • September 7th - Kenai River Cleanup.  Stay tuned for further details
October 7, 7 p.m. 
General Meetings - Millenium Hotel
Mark your calendars for the general meeting in October and spend an informative time with Mike Schoder sharing his recent trip to Baja and Kintimati (Christmas Island.) Expanding on Tony Weaver's presentation, Mike will tell all about big saltwater gamefish including tarpon, roosterfish, durado, giant travalley, bonefish in double-digits, and milkfish.
mike scoter 2
mike scoter


from Frank Stevens

Summer has finally arrived with its 70+ degree days (did we really see 86?!) and fish are in the rivers! If you haven't already, it's high time to sit down and tie your flies for summer rainbow and salmon fishing.

Tying clinic hours are 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., the third Saturday of each month.  Clinics are held at the William Hernandez Fish Hatchery, located on Reeve Blvd, just north of Ship Creek.  Park in visitor spaces, come to the second floor classroom.

We had a nice group of tiers at the June clinic. Sharing applications inspired by Nor-Vise users was a popular activity, followed closely by consuming cookies and coffee. 

Remember, you are always invited to share a skill, your favorite pattern, or a new technique with our enthusiastic tiers, beginners and seasoned alike.  Please contact me at akfrank@mtaonline.net or 907-694-3595.

From the bench to the river!
Frank Stevens
from Frank Stevens

Randy Howard passed along the art of fly tying to 6th graders from Grace Christian School at their annual outdoor education camp.  A total of 42 students in groups of 6 spent the day learning just how much fun we have when we sit down at our vices and tie flies.
 grace christian fly tier2

  grace christian fly tier6


grace christian fly tier4  


grace christian fly tier1  

AFF has 10 tying kits for our members to check out and use to instruct the art of fly tying with youth groups.  At this time we have only ten vices. Materials are supplied by the group or instructors.  


Contact Frank akfrank@mtaonline.net or 907-694-3595.


Pass along the Art of Fly Tying


grace christian fly tier3

clip art fily  

from Jan Schnorr
PHW logo
PHW Family Fishing Picnic. PHW sponsored a Fishing Picnic for participants and their families on JBER on May 30.  Everyone, including the cooperative rainbow trout, was happy to see the ice off the lake.

pontoon boat fisher

float tube fisher

PHW fish 
Fishing Trips.  June is the month for fishing trips for PHW!  Laura Orr lead the first trip to Cantwell on June 14th. The 26th-29th of June, PHW participants will find themselves catching grayling on the Tangle Lakes. Christian Garrett will lead willing participants to the Russian River on July 20th.
If anyone is interested in helping fund any of these trips, please 
contact Jan Schnorr at Janiceinak@gmail.com.  
PHW fish

Tying Clinics. PHW sponsors weekly tying clinics at the Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) on JBER every Thursday from 4 - 6 PM. Disabled active military 
service personnel and disabled veterans in need of physical and emotional rehabilitation are welcome to participate. For additional information about the tying clinics, send an email to PHWAlaska@gmail.com. 
                                                       PHW fish 

 by Bill Hauser




Fish Key

by Bill Hauser

(Bill is on vacation, so we are re-posting Bill's May 2011 article)



Another FISH TALK discusses a research report about ocean acidification and the probable negative effect on food items in the marine waters important for growth and survival of young salmon. Another report addressed the issue of Chinook salmon stocks in the Yukon River and the presenter pointed out that Yukon River Chinook salmon have been steadily declining in both size and numbers since the mid 1970s.A recent FISH TALK discussed the confusion among fisher folk and fishery scientists that can be caused by the usage of different names for a fish that are caused by regional word usage. Many non-salmonid fish, for example, have the word trout in their name. Bream (or "brim") is used in the southeast United States as a collective name for the sunfish group. I grew up in a northern state where I caught bluegills and sunfish but I wondered what a bream looked like. FISH TALK then made a point of saying how it is important for fishery scientists to use the scientific name or a particular accepted common name when sharing information about fish with each other. This FISH TALK takes the next step of explaining how they can accomplish this.

please read the rest of the article


salmon silhouette  
Do you have a question for FISH TALK? 
Contact Bill at karelbill@gci.net


Bill recently published Fishes of the Last Frontier, Life Histories, Biology, Ecology, and Management of Alaska Fishes and previously, Letters from Alaska, the Inside to the Outside
Our members are doing cool things!
If you or another member you know of is doing something noteworthy, please share with us! We love to showcase the wonderful things our members do! 

"If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is high church."

                                            Tom Brokaw 



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sandy - CFR

Thank you to those who have supported Casting for Recovery
 both with donations and with spreading the word. We will be sharing your thoughts and kindness with 14 women the first weekend in August. Again, thank you.  Without your support, we would not be able to offer this program to the deserving women of Alaska.
PHW Fundraiser
National Defense Service Fly

PHW Fund Raiser. 
Project Healing Waters volunteers still have some National Defense Service medal ribbon flies available. If you are interested in a fly for yourself or a military friend, you can obtain them at one of the following shops who have graciously volunteered to include them in their inventory: Mossy's Fly Shop,  Mountain View Sports3 Rivers Fly Shop, and World WideAngler.
The suggested donation 
amount is $10. 
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