June 4, 2021
On May 17, 2021, the City Council adopted a proclamation to recognize the month of June 2021 as LGBTQIA Pride month in the City of Albany, and the Pride Flag be flown June 1-30, 2021 in Albany.
Have thoughts about the environmental and financial impact of Albany’s electricity?

On June 7, the Albany City Council will reconsider the City’s default electricity product for all electricity customers in the City. The Council has two options to choose from:
Bright Choice (86% carbon-free electricity offered at 1% below PG&E rates) and Renewable 100 (100% renewable energy at one penny per kilowatt-hour more than PG&E rates).

Currently, all electricity accounts in Albany are automatically enrolled in a 100% carbon-free electricity product offered at the exact same rate as PG&E electricity rates. On December 31, EBCE will be sunsetting this electricity product. The Council must determine which of the two remaining electricity products will become the default product for electricity accounts in Albany.

The first workshop is Sunday, June 13 at 5pm. Come join the fun!

The City of Albany has retained the services of landscape architecture firm Groundworks Office to update the City’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. Join Groundworks Office as they gather community feedback to inform goals for the Parks Master Plan. What's a parks master plan, you say? It is a guiding document that sets the strategic vision and direction for the City’s parks, recreation and open spaces.

Register to attend the workshop via Eventbrite. Follow @albanyparksmp on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. You can also leave a message at +1 (510) 859-8491.
For general information about COVID-19 vaccine planning and administration by the County, including how to sign up for a vaccine, please see vaccination and guidance resources.

The City of Albany is working closely with Alameda County Public Health to monitor and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of City Staff and the public and control the spread of the virus, the City has taken steps to modify the delivery of non-essential City Services and access to city facilities. Most City services, and all essential services, continue to be available online, by phone/email, and by appointment during the pandemic.

Please see here for information on city services and check back regularly as public health directives change frequently and we work to provide additional services whenever possible to further serve our community.
The Albany Police Department is partnering with the community to prevent and solve crimes. If you currently utilize private security cameras at your home or business, you can turn them into the latest crime-solving tool. Registering your information does not provide the Albany Police Department with direct access to your camera and you may delete your registration at any time.

You will only be contacted by the Albany Police Department in the future if there is a criminal incident in your neighborhood or in the vicinity of your security camera.
Space still available in these awesome camps:

  • Run-N-Shoot Basketball Camp
  • Teen and Youth Cooking Camps
  • Young Rembrandts,
  • WriteOn!

Most camps will operate outdoors. All summer camp instructors and operators have agreed to adhere to current County, State and CDC guidelines for safe instructions. Have fun, stay safe and call us at (510) 524-9283 if you have any questions.
Annual AUSD Newsletter Is Coming to Your Mailbox Soon!

The annual AUSD Newsletter will be arriving in your mailbox around June 10. This printed newsletter is delivered by U.S. mail and summarizes the most important news from the school district. Please look for it and enjoy short and important stories!

  • Grand Reopening/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new Ocean View Elementary School will be on August 14. All Albany residents are invited to this celebration. Come and see this important new addition to our community, paid for with your school bond tax dollars!
  • Awards received by Albany Middle School and the Albany High School Addition
  • Marin Elementary will be under construction shortly
  • All schools will return to full in-person instruction in August
  • A remarkable student runner with a jaw-dropping time!
Friday, June 11, 1 - 2:30pm + Filmmaker Q&A!

Alameda County Library, in partnership with Albany FilmFest, present three short films to celebrate LGBTQIA Pride Month.

Stay after the virtual screening for a Q&A with filmmakers Kat Cole and Deborah Craig!

  • Maybe, Kat Cole (Narrative, 10:00) A young Filipino girl questions her sexuality and must find bravery on her own terms.
  • A Great Ride, Deborah Craig (Documentary, 30:00) Older lesbians, pioneers in the movement, face the next daunting challenge: growing old as determined role models for aging.
  • Grandmother and Me, Kat Cole (Documentary, 7:00) In this intimate documentary, Cole exhumes long-kept secrets to capture the complexities of familial love and the subtle effects of transphobia in the home.

Please register up to 30 minutes before the start of the program. Everyone registered will receive the link to participate in a separate email the day before the program begins.

An ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter or closed captioning can be provided for this program if requested at least three business days in advance. For assistance, please contact your library or [email protected].
The days are getting warmer, soils are rapidly drying, and our trees are getting thirsty!

Now is the time to water your trees. The first trees to consider watering are those that will be most vulnerable and affected by dry conditions.

  • Newly planted and young trees (1-6” diameter) are not yet established and have a limited root system. These trees generally need supplemental water even when we are not experiencing drought conditions. Basically, it will take three years for a newly planted tree to get established.  
  • Trees growing within a restricted root zone. Examples are trees adjacent to a driveway or house or street trees growing within a landscape strip between your sidewalk and the street.  
  • Trees that have recently received root injury due to construction or sidewalk work will need supplemental watering because the root system has been compromised.  

Water deeply and infrequently. About 5-10 gallons, once a week for new trees or more in very hot weather. Established trees need less frequent watering. Healthy trees actually help with California’s drought conditions – see the link below for more details. Watering helps maintain healthy root structure. Make sure the water isn’t running off and down the street!

Mulch to reduce moisture loss. 3-4" of wood chip mulch, kept 4-6" away from tree trunks, will help the soil retain water, while allowing roots to breathe.
To ensure you get alerts and the latest emergency information, please sign up for the following:
Sign up for local emergency alerts. 

If you live, work, or visit Alameda County, take a moment to sign up for "AC Alert", the Alameda County emergency notification system. Signing up will allow you to receive emergency and topical information about flooding, earthquakes, fires and other emergencies occurring in your area.

To sign up for AC Alert go to http://ACAlert.org
And also be sure to follow the City of Albany Twitter account. When communication services are limited, Twitter is where government agencies, relief organizations, media, volunteers, and citizens go to communicate and collaborate - fast.

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Sign-up for the City of Albany’s E-Notification system and get information and updates going on Around Your Block.
City meetings are virtual until further notice. Please see the City Calendar for all public meeting attendance and viewing options.