Alberta's Budget 2016 creates jobs, decarbonizes and diversifies energy sector
Edmonton - The Honourable Joe Ceci, Alberta's Minister of Finance yesterday released Budget 2016 which included revenues of $9.6 billion to be collected through the province's carbon levy, a price paid for the combustion of fuels that produce greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition to support for households, businesses and communities to adjust to the carbon price, these funds will be used to create jobs and diversify the province's energy sector:
  • $3.4 billion for large scale renewable energy, bioenergy and technology;
  • $645 million for Energy Efficiency Alberta, a new provincial agency that will support increasing energy efficiency for homes and businesses; and
  • $2.2 billion for green infrastructure like transit.

John Gorman, President & CEO, CanSIA made the following statement in response to Alberta's continued climate leadership:
"It is less than one year since Premier Notley has been sworn in as Premier of Alberta. During this short time, this Government has done more to modernize the province's energy sector than in any decade that came previous".

"Not only will Alberta's climate leadership reap environmental benefits and recognition, every one gigawatt of solar electricity generation capacity installed represents more than 12,500 construction jobs and $2 billion dollars of investment in the province".
"Alberta is setting ambitious but measured long-term goals that will deliver the de-carbonized and diversified energy sector that Albertans want while managing public cost and risk".
Patrick Bateman, Director of Market Intelligence & Research, CanSIA made the following statement in response to Alberta's continued climate leadership:
"This level of funding in Budget 2016 could give rise to enough renewable electricity to power one in two Alberta homes every year. What's most creative about this approach to transitioning from coal to renewable electricity is that it will be funded by greenhouse gas emitters, not by everyday Albertans".

Key Facts:
  • In November 2015, Alberta set a target to effectively triple the share of its electricity generated from renewable resources to up to 30% of its electricity by 2030.
  • CanSIA estimates that solar electricity could meet between 7.5 and 15% of Alberta's electricity needs in 2030 resulting in 2,900 to 4,300 MW of new installed capacity being built over the next thirteen years.


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