Are you interested in dance as a healing tool, or as a catalyst for freedom, personal development, self-knowledge and for helping us to fulfill our soul purpose?
Might your spiritual path be seeking some insights and inspiration?

Well, this is to let you know that my latest book, 'The Circle, Fire & Phoenix' is being launched on 1st February. 

It contains much of my own story and inspirations from the dance and the world of Movement Medicine, shamanism and body-based, no nonsense spirituality.

Guided by the careful and supportive hands of 'MyVoice Publishing,' who support each writer to use their OWN voice in what they share, we are together really happy to see this next episode of the Dancing Warrior Path emerge.

The book will be available from Amazon and also from The School Of Movement Medicine Shop.

Please let us know if you like it and if you do please pass on this information to others, including journalists, newsmakers of any description or editors, thank you!
If you would like to read excerpts from the book please go to my blog I hope you enjoy :)

Much love to all,
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Caroline's latest book
The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix


Most people who read her first book said simply...'I couldn't put it down!'


In Caroline's latest book, Circle Fire & Phoenix she writes about her life purpose and its journey teaching Movement Medicine and taking us across landscapes of the world, both physically, emotionally and metaphorically. From the English countryside to as far as the Kalahari Desert, to Cape Town, Berlin, Scandinavia, Ireland and more.


Caroline values the external worldwide journey equally with the inner journey of the heart and mind. This is a journey we all have to make, through the matrix of emotion, spirit and psyche if we are to allow our Soul and our innate wisdom, our eco-identity to become fully embodied. 


She works in depth to heal the wounds that are gathered from childhood to adulthood. Learning from her own experiences of the past and from the gift of parenting six wonderful and very creative children, dancing and processing deep enquiries, whilst serving others along the way in this great mystery of life. Her workshops are creative, inspiring, healing and fun!


 As a dancer, she shares her own life stories which give hope and faith for her students and clients to develop their own potential and healing path.

 Offering her very own style of dance as Movement Medicine the alchemical gifts are potent, alive and inspiring to witness and read about.

Excerpts from the book please go to blog


Caroline has three published books, firstly 'Ms'Guided Angel', an autobiography about her own life as a wounded healer, surviving sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy as well as homelessness and poverty. Her second is about 'Reclaimed Innocence', which is about following the healing journey and sharing it with others including shamanic experiences and journeys into the eco-identity we are all born with.  Her third book is her first book of poetry, called 'SHE has a Voice'. A compilation of poetry she has written since her adolescence to present day.


The kind of teachings Caroline shares are rarely spoken about by teachers in our modern day 'civilized' culture. These teachings link in with the suffering that  is  often labelled as depression or similar mental health problems  and  negative behavior.  Caroline explains that by giving our challenges 'to the dancer' we can become healed, transformed and renewed with life as we would want to live it.


There is nothing more beneficial than healing from our own wounds and empowering our body,

heart and psyche to embrace life and all that we have the potential to be.

Thus being in service to the greater good of all.

"Your writing has a strong pull and the simplicity and directness of your sharing is stunning."

Kristin Glenewinke


What others have said about previous books and teachings:


I want to thank you for your book and for the courage you had in sharing your story which is incredibly inspiring. Anything can be transformed. I started reading it and I could not stop! I resonated with so many things you wrote.

Laura Valenti


Caroline story speaks to the heart as she relates honestly about the wounds and the blessings in her life. For me the main message is: Yes, you can do it!  You can find the courage to transform your life. It is worth the effort. It will lead you on a wonder-full journey, filled with vibrant life, deep love, and a sense of delving deeper and deeper in the mystery that you are. Jasper Trent Holland.

Absolutly gripping, an amazing, sad, ecstatic, romantic, emotional, utterly lived/living life, its a wonderful, inspiring read, that brings out every emotion. Louise Watson; Support Worker

I have now read Carolines book, it is an incredible, fascinating and mind-blowing journey. A must read, go out and buy it. Wow! Paul Mills

Reading your book. Deeply enjoying it. No Bullshit. Tony Hawkins; Writer


I have journeyed with your life story, having just closed the pages of Ms'Guided Angel, my vulnerable broken heart physically aching at the resonance of so much of your journey.
Your quest for Truth, Freedom and Unconditional Love and the path that you have chosen to realise and honour You reflect so much of my own struggle to keep moving and trusting each moment, each breath to move me deeper and deeper into Knowing and Acceptance of myself, trusting I have something worthwhile to offer to this world. Samantha Brauer 

Excerpts from the book please go to blog
Book Launch
1st February '15 

Caroline's published books to date

SHE has a Voice,
Prose and Poetry

Ms'Guided Angel
Caroline's Autobiography

I loved your book because it was all about; the completely authentic, outrageous, courageous dancing lover shaman that you are. It (you) inspires all of us through your story including the pain,
set-backs and adventures you took.The bits I know first-hand I regard as a privilege. You never lost your way, never wavered even when it seemed the odds were stacked against you. And now you have your just rewards
with your special man, your passion, and the new chapters that you will write.
And we shall read... Victor Marino, Executive Coach

Reclaimed Innocence
Innocence Reclaimed

I just finished reading your book. 
I write these words to you with deep appreciation for all that you shared, your honesty and the unmasked truth.
I sense the powerful energy in your dance transforming all you allowed to be transformed. 
It is deeply encouraging to read your story, I look into a mirror in many of the events your described and tears were flowing. 
Thank you for awakening this in me through sharing your story.   Agnes. MM teacher.

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