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Change is good, right? We know it often takes some getting used to, and for us at Alchemy not having Shelby here is going to feel like a loss for awhile.  Read on for Shelby's wonderful news though, because that's the thing about life, even wonderful news can be bittersweet at times.

Now, for David, we have some great news. David has completed the CranioSacral training to work with infants and newborns. This is what he has been working toward for years, as this slice of life -- pregnancy through baby -- is completely aligned with who he is as a midwife.  If you are pregnant, or have a newborn or infant, we encourage you to consider how CranioSacral Therapy could be a support for you and your baby. A brief introduction follows.
As an experienced Midwife, David Paad, CNM, RN is simply wonderful with newborns and infants, as well as their moms during pregnancy and post-partum. Our small ones have not been distanced from their innate connection to their deep internal healing mechanisms, and CST is a very effective method for assisting this part of our system. Lasting changes are often reached in a very short time with babies and small children.

Parents often seek out CranioSacral Therapy for their newborns and infants for the following reasons:
  • Challenges at birth - long labor and pushing, use of instruments, C- Section
  • Breastfeeding challenges - tongue tie, lip tie, poor latch, need for nipple shields
  • Colic and tummy concerns
  • Fussy, grumpy baby
  • Torticollis - baby's head tends to only lay to one side
  • Unhappy baby
  • Sleep issues
  • Head shape concerns
  • Simple desire to improve well being for baby
In addition to David's newborn and infant practice, Alex's practice specialty has been pediatrics from birth to teens for over ten years. At Alchemy, we are well prepared to work with children of all ages. 
We view the mother and the baby in utero as individuals, while honoring that they are functioning as one during pregnancy. CST brings ease and balance and can aid both mother and child in having the experience of a successful delivery. Women are positioned safely and comfortably and find themselves relaxing deeply during sessions. CST strengthens the body's ability to take better care of itself and can
David Paad, CNM
help to alleviate:
  • Chronic neck back and joint pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Morning Sickness
  • Stress and tension related problems
  • Fatigue
  • Challenges with conception
  • Many other conditions related to pregnancy and the effects on mother and child as pregnancy develops
David Paad CNM, RN works with many of our pregnant clients, combining his depth of understanding and experience with pregnancy as a Midwife with his skills as a CranioSacral therapist.

As you may have heard, Shelby and TJ are expecting their second child later this year. With a growing family, they began the search for a new home. They have purchased a delightful new house and will move in during August.
Here's the tough part. They are moving to West Virginia, about 30 minutes from Frederick! Simply too far to commute!
Shelby is an amazing therapist who has been a wonderful part of Alchemy for many years now and will continue with us in the future. Here is the plan:

Short-term - during July Shelby will be in Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 
Mid-term - Our beloved new Owlet has scheduled their arrival in November. Shelby will have her hands full.
Long-term - in 2017 (which will arrive sooner than we might imagine), Shelby will return to Alchemy one week a month.
Along with Shelby, we at Alchemy want to be sure you are receiving the care you need and desire. Please speak with Shelby for personal recommendations to continue your bodywork when you are in next. 
We hope you are enjoying your summer and taking good care of yourself while you are at it.

Please always feel free to reach out to us for any support or assistance - whether it is at Alchemy or elsewhere, we are committed to assisting you in any way we can. We have many resources and connections in the community. We so appreciate having the opportunity to work with you and hope to see you again soon.

And finally, please join us in congratulating Shelby and TJ as their family grows and they move to their wonderful new home!

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