This past Wednesday, the City Council passed a resolution to recognize Juneteenth . On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers went to Galveston, Texas to proclaim and enforce that enslaved peoples were free - over two years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. While that date is set in time over 150 years ago, the racism of slavery in our country never disappeared. We all must work together to end the racism that still exists in our country. We all must work to end the racial and economic segragation that continues to divide communities. I will remain committed to the changes we need to move us forward, to educate our children about what is right and to fight the racism that persists. To learn more about our history that isn't in school books, you can read more about Juneteenth here .

The City Council also passed the COVID-19 federal funds ordinance , all funds disbursed from the CARES ACT must be directly related to COVID-19 activities.

Many people in the ward have been looking for ways to support other Chicago residents throughout this time. The Women’s Caucus of City Council is hosting a supply drive to help women and families across Chicago. The drive will support families who have limited access to formula, diapers, wipes, and more. Drop off locations are accepting donations this week (see details below!). If you’d like to make a financial contribution, cash donations can be made to Restored Hope via Paypal: Thanks for helping!

Many people have called or emailed about having off duty police officers in CPS public schools. The contract is a CPS contract and the resolution to change the contract or void it is going to be heard in the City Council education committee. Alternatives to police in schools is an option so LSC's will be asked to review thoe options across all schools. I do support security in schools if it can be done by private security hired by LSCs and principals. The City Council is also reviewing community oversight ordinances that include CPAC and GAPA, and we expect to have the additional oversight of the police department pillar in place. The federal consent decree calls for community oversight and was a commitment that the City needs to fulfill. For more information on the community engagement through the Consent Decree, you can read the IPCE Report on Consent Decree Community Engagement (PDF) or the discussion of community oversight in the Consent Decree documents here. The Progressive, Black and Latino Caucuses are working on the CPAC and GAPA ordinances to pass the required oversight panel.

This week the lakefront, 606 and other parks are opening, as well as bars with limited seating. It is still imperative to wear masks and keep your social distancing in play. The COVID-19 virus has not been eilminated and will not be until there is a vaccine that can be used worldwide. This virus, like any other, spreads quickly and across any political boundary in a flash. PLEASE take precautions and wear your mask when on the trails, or in public or private places where you are outside your family circle. The latest update on Chicago's COVID-19 statistics and information are available here.

Seniors! See below for details on the July 7th Northside AARP meeting with former Clerk David Orr. This meeting will be on ZOOM but see the details below if you are interested in participating. And, if you are ready to VOTE BY MAIL in this COVID-19 ERA, please see below or click here- the dates to vote by mail for the election are approaching fast. ( Governor signs bill to expand vote by mail-WTTW). Details about this safe way to vote are available here.

Have a good weekend,

Scott Waguespack, Alderman