October 27, 2023

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Alderman Reilly Reports

Alderman Reilly in the News

As discussed in Tribune’s recent editorial, Alderman Reilly has expressed concerns about the future of the LaSalle Street Reimagined initiative, launched under Mayor Lightfoot, in light of the 2024 Budget recently proposed by Mayor Johnson. 

Last year, developers responded to an IFP to repurpose commercial buildings along LaSalle Street between Washington Street and Jackson Boulevard into mixed-use. Five initial adaptive re-use proposals, consisting of more than 1,600 units of mixed-income housing, were selected to receive City financial assistance. Information about the proposals can be found here. Mayor Johnson has not indicated if he supports this initiative. 

Chicago Halloweek Activities

‘Halloweek’ brings together City departments, corporations, and community-based organizations to plan Halloween-related activations for Chicago residents of all ages. Events and activities will be hosted from October 22 through October 31, and all activities can be found at ChicagoHalloweek.org.

Casino Update

As reported in Reilly Reports on June 23, 2023, the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) approved preliminary suitability to Bally’s for their Chicago casino operation on June 15, 2023. Additionally, the temporary casino located at Medinah Temple opened on September 9. 2023. 

Yesterday, the IGB approved Bally’s permanent owners’ license. This is the final step of review by the IGB. Additionally, IGB approved an extension of Bally’s temporary operation at Medinah Temple to the maximum three years. Therefore, the temporary casino will remain open until September 9, 2026. My office recently confirmed that Bally’s lease at Medinah Temple expires in 2026; no further extensions beyond that time will be allowed by IGB or the Landlord. 

Lake Shore Drive Bridge from

Randolph to Grand - Weekend Work

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) today announced that the CDOT will be working on the Lake Shore Drive Bridge and Viaduct Network between Randolph St. to Grand Ave. This closure will involve expansion joint rehabilitation.  

Southbound Upper Level Lake Shore Drive over the nights of November 3 thru 5 from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. will have a three lane closure of the roadway. During the days of November 4 and 5 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. there will be a two lane closure.

Northbound Upper Level Lake Shore Drive over the nights of November 10 thru 12 from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. will have a three lane closure of the roadway, this closure will require a detour of the Illinois Street ramp to Navy Pier. During the days of November 11 and 12 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. there will be a two lane closure.

CAPS Meetings

18th District: (312-742-5778 / [email protected])

  • Beat 1824 CAPS Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th, at 6PM.
  • Beat 1831 CAPS Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21st, at 5PM.
  • Beat 1832 CAPS Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21st, at 6PM.
  • Beat 1833 CAPS Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 22nd, at 5PM.
  • Beat 1834 CAPS Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 22nd, at 6PM.

1st District: (312-745-4381 / [email protected])

  • Beat 111 CAPS Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 1st at 3PM.
  • Beat 121 CAPS Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8th at 5:30PM.

42nd Ward Traffic Closures & Construction Projects

CTA Brown Line Work:

The CTA will be performing work on the Brown Line Tracks above North Franklin Street, between West Ohio and West Grand. Work will occur on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29, from 9am to 5pm. While work is occurring, North Franklin Street, from West Ohio to West Grand will be closed to vehicular access.

Helicopter Lift: 444 W Jackson

On Saturday, October 28, from 8am to 11am, there will be a helicopter lift at 444 W Jackson. During the lift the following will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic:

  • Jackson, from Clinton to Wacker
  • Canal, from Van Buren to Adams

Street Resurfacing

The following resurfacing projects will begin at the end of October 2023:

  • New Street, between East North Water and East Illinois (Start date: 10/26/23)
  • New Street, between East North Water and River Drive (Start date: 10/26/23)
  • River Drive, between North New Street and North McClurg Court (Start date: 10/26/23)
  • McClurg Court, between River Drive and East North Water (Start date: 10/26/23)
  • Huron, between Hudson and Sedgwick (Start date: 10/27/23)
  • Erie, between Hudson and Sedgwick (Start date: 10/27/23)

Crews will grind away the top layer of asphalt first and return within two weeks to install new asphalt. The entire process can take 3 weeks to complete (weather dependent).

Canal Street Viaduct Project:

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is performing viaduct repairs on Canal Street, between Jackson and Adams.

Vehicle access is prohibited to this stretch of Canal Street throughout the project. Since the viaduct is over Metra/Amtrack train tracks, this project is required to be conducted during the overnight hours.

The project is expected to be completed by early 2025.

PGL River North Project

Peoples Gas plans to begin a gas main project in River North. PGL will be working at the following locations:

  • Franklin, from Huron to Chicago
  • Superior, from Wells to Orleans
  • Chicago, from Orleans to LaSalle

The project will be completed at the end of 2023.

120 E Oak Street Facade Project

Summit Design + Build began a facade project at 120 E Oak Street in May 2023. Works hours will be Monday thru Saturday, from 8am-5pm.  

Throughout the project, the sidewalk adjacent to the building will be closed. It will be covered by construction fencing. Pedestrians will be pushed to a protected pedestrian path in the curb lane.

Deliveries will occur between before 9am and debris will be removed between 8am-9am. There will be a gate at the east end of the fencing for deliveries and debris removal.

The project will be completed in early November.

Murphy Auditorium Renovation

Driehaus Museum purchased the Murphy Auditorium (50 E Erie) in June 2023, and began the following interior renovations:

  • Offices are going to be renovated
  • Stage has sunken – leveled out; fix accessibility issue
  • New elevator to go all the way to the top floor

Throughout the project, the following will be in-place:

  • Pedestrian canopy over the sidewalk in front of 50 E Erie
  • 100' of curb lane will be closed in front of 50 E Erie for material deliveries and small crane

They will need to use a small crane periodically throughout the project to lift materials onto the roof that can't fit through the doorway. 

** Crane lift planned on Tuesday, Oct 31 and Wednesday, Nov 1 (backup Thu Nov 2) from 9am to 4pm. While the lift is occurring, vehicular access to East Erie, between North Wabash and North Rush. The cane will remain up overnight. That said, the outriggers will be pulled in to allow for one lane of eastbound traffic.

Water Main project: Superior, from Orleans to Kingsbury

In Mid-October 2023, the Chicago Department of Water Management (DWM) began a water main project on West Superior Street, between North Orleans Street and North Kingsbury Street. This project will be completed in three phases. 

Phase 1 will include prep work, utility locating, tree trimming, and infrastructure trenching. The trenching will begin at West Superior and North Kingsbury and move eastward.

DWM is coordinating all water shut offs with each affected building property managers. Work hours will be 7:30am to 7:00pm, Monday through Friday. All work is expected to be completed by the end of February 2024 (weather dependent).  If you have any questions related to this project, please contact Bobby Lyons (project manager) at 773-724-1594 or John Bania (site foreman) at 773-663-8648.

LSD Bridge & Viaduct Project - September 25 to Summer 2024

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) began working on the Lake Shore Drive Bridge and Viaduct Network between Monroe and Ontario. This work will include removing and replacing link plates, stainless steel pins, and Teflon bushings and expansion joint rehabilitation.  

Upper Level Lake Shore Drive will have one permanent lane closure in each direction and an additional lane closure during off-peak hours.

Intermediate Level Lake Shore Drive will have two permanent lane closures in each direction.

This project is expected to be completed summer of 2024.

Temporary Bus Stop Elimination

Until March 2024, the westbound bus stop at Grand and St. Clair will be temporarily removed.

  • Stop ID Number: 761
  • Route Stopping: #29 – State, #65 – Grand, #120 – Ogilvie/Streeterville Express, #121 – Union/Streeterville Express

State & Lake Utility Relocations

Utility companies began relocating utilities in advance of the State and Lake CTA project. Train services will not be disrupted during utility relocations. 


At least 1 lane of traffic will remain open (1 lane each direction on State St) at all times, but other driving and parking lanes may be closed. 

Construction equipment and materials will be stored on the street, including during time periods between active work. Work will primarily occur 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Saturdays, but there will be limited work during nights. Utility companies are aware of and required to abide by the Chicago noise ordinance, which limits noisy work during overnight hours.

150 E Ontario Construction

W.E. O'Neil began construction of a 23-story building at 150 East Ontario Street. Work hours will be Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm (8pm during caisson pours). Some weekend work will occur.  

Throughout the project, the following will be closed:

  • 150' of sidewalk in front of 150 East Ontario
  • 150' of curb lane in front of 150 East Ontario 

Pedestrians will be directed to the sidewalk on the south side of the street at Ontario/Michigan and Ontario/St. Clair. The entire project is expected to take 23 months to complete. 

Dismantling the tower crane at 150 E Ontario will take place between Friday, Nov. 10 at 9 AM and Sunday, Nov 12 at 9 AM.

Street Sweeping

During street sweeping season (April 1 to mid-November) the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation uses mechanical street sweepers to remove debris and litter from streets, weather permitting. Throughout the season, DSS deploys mechanical street sweepers at regularly scheduled times to clear debris from Chicago streets. Starting this week, dozens of street sweepers have begun clearing the debris and leaves that have accumulated during winter months on both residential and arterial streets. 

On weekdays, from 9am to 2pm, this Sweeper Tracker map will show real-time locations of city street sweepers. For more information, please review the 42nd Ward Map and street sweeping schedule. Residents can also call 311 to find the dates and locations of street sweeping in their area.

Please check for the bright orange signs announcing temporary parking restrictions. These signs are posted two days prior to scheduled street sweeping events. Some streets also have permanently posted signs that specify a once-per-week period when parking is prohibited for street sweeping.

Kennedy Expressway Bridge Rehabilitation

In 2023, IDOT began rehabilitating the Kennedy Expressway (Interstate 90/94), from the Edens Expressway (I-94) junction to Ohio Street.

The estimated $150 million project consists of rehabilitating 36 bridges and the Reversible Lane Access Control system, replacing overhead sign structures, installing new signage and modernized LED lights, pavement patching, and structural painting. Additionally, Hubbard’s Cave, from Grand Avenue to Wayman Street, will be painted and new LED lighting installed.

The work will take place over three consecutive construction seasons, broken down into the following stages:

  • 2023 – Inbound Kennedy: Click here for stage 1 fact sheet.
  • 2024 – Reversible Express Lanes: Click here for stage 2 fact sheet.
  • 2025 – Outbound Kennedy: Click here for stage 3 fact sheet.

The Kennedy Expressway officially opened in November 1960, with the last major rehabilitation completed in 1994. The project will improve safety, traffic flow and reliability for the more than 275,000 motorists who use the expressway each day.

Click here for a project overview.

Click here for a FAQ

Click here to see photos and videos of the project.