We wish to say thank you to each and every one of you who have been supportive, kind-hearted, and have loved us dearly over the last few years. Phil and I valued your prayers when we were single and didn’t yet know which direction our relationship would take. We believe it’s through prayer; God led us to unite in marriage. After a combined total of 20 years of being single, we are happy to enlarge our families to include our physical families and our Aldersgate family.
Our ceremony was the best we could have imagined during a global pandemic. Thank you for affirming us, for appreciating our unique personalities, for showing us kindness, for laughing with us as we laughed at ourselves. Thank you for answering God's call as our community of faith to care for us, cherish us, and love us. The Apostle Paul, when considering the give and take of earthly relationships, concluded that no debt should remain between people except for the ever-increasing debt of love. (Romans 13:8). Thank you, Aldersgaters, for showing us how "loving one another as Christ loved the church" is done!