Happy 2019 Alegria Supporters!!
We are looking forward to a new year as we begin our rehearsals for the annual student show coming up in March!
This year promises new class and mini workshop offerings as we invite you to become part of our Alegria family! We look forward to an exciting year with you!
Upcoming Workshops & Classes
Datura Style & ATS
  • Feb. 16 Datura Style Bellydance 101 - Mini Workshop

  • Feb. 16 ATS® Dancing in Flow™ /Datura Improv

  • Mar. 2 ATS® Dancing in Flow™ /Datura Improv

  • Mar. 2 Glutes, Glutes, & More Glutes - Mini Workshop

  • Mar. 26 Level I American Tribal Style Bellydance - Six Week Series

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Fundamentals of Bellydance

Join our monthly Fundamentals of Bellydance class every Monday in April Febuary and March are full.

Each month we will learn a new series of movements plus review proper posture and technique, bellydance history and much more. Join the Alegría dance family in a safe and fun environment. No experience needed. 

Cost is $50 for 5 classes for the month of April. Classes will be held at Tapp's Art Center. 1644 Main St. Studio 12, Columbia, SC 29201.

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Getting to Know the Alegria Family
Monthly Dancer Spotlight with Maria Palacio, Owner, Alegria Bellydance
How long have you been studying bellydance?

" I have been studying bellydance for the past 16 years. In 2011, I became a certified American Tribal Style Bellydance instructor and continue to attend intensives. In 2013 I started training under the Salimpour School of dance and I’m certified as a SL1 and JL2. In 2017 I began training under Rachel Brice 8 Elements program and have complete up to Phase Two. I also attend workshops / intensives in Middle Eastern history and folk dances. "

What is your favorite part of teaching?

"My favorite part of teaching is being able to share my love for this dance style and seeing my students grow through their dance and knowledge of this dance."

Favorite performance?

"My favorite performance..hmmmm...I don’t think I have one. Dance brings me so much joy that every performance is special. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to share my love of this dance and to connect with the audience through my dance. "

Goal for 2019?

" My goal for 2019 is to complete Phase 3 of 8 Elements and Suhaila Level II in the Salimpour School program."
Upcoming Events:

8th Annual Treasures of the Caravan
March 23, 2019

Alegria Bellydance is excited to present our annual show, Treasures of the Caravan. This is our 8th year and we are so excited to present our choreographies that we have been working throughout the year.

We also have some amazing guest performers. Stay tuned for more information !