In this petition,  Global Kairos for Justice, a partner of Kairos Palestine, asks the world to support its call to action and to be partners in local and regional events on or around May 15, 2019, the anniversary of the Nakba. Join the people from around the world who have already signed - let us bring the numbers into the thousands!

The petition declares as unjust and illegal the occupation policies and practices of the State of Israel, including creating over 700,000 Palestinian refugees in 1948, occupying the remaining 22% of Palestine in 1967 in contravention of UN Council Resolution 242, imposing an unjust system of military law, and adopting the discriminatory July 2018 Nation State Law. It calIs on the State of Israel "to end the occupation of Palestine, restore the full and equal rights of and end discrimination against Palestinian citizens living in Israel and all inhabitants of the Land and respect the right of return of Palestinian refugees."