ALERT - Tropical Storm Isaias
A Publication of the JL POA Chronicle
The POA staff is closely monitoring the Tropical Storm Isaias.

The track models move the storm over south Florida on Saturday and Sunday with strong winds and heavy rain likely.
The track may change in the days ahead, but gusty winds and heavy rain appear likely both Saturday and Sunday. Please remove your Kayak from the JL POA racks and prepare your yard for strong winds.

Please keep in mind that there is still uncertainty as to the strength and path of the storm. We will continue to monitor the storm closely and keep you advised.  

Please click the below link to the JL POA Hurricane Page for links to help you prepare and monitor the storm.  

2020 JL POA Board of Directors:

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Bill Gould - Vice President
Katherine Wunder - Secretary
Bernie Halligan - Treasurer
Michael Murphy - Director