Meeks Bay Resort and Marina - Proposed Project:

Public input needed!

A public site tour is scheduled for 10/10 .

Written comments are due by 10/26.
Three agencies have jointly issued a Proposed Action for the Meeks Bay Resort and Marina, along with the Notice of Preparation/Notice of Intent to prepare an environmental impact report/statement (EIR/S/S). The stated purpose is to: 
"[M]ove the Meeks Creek stream channel and wetland/lagoon below State Route 89 (SR89) to a more natural condition where geomorphic and hydrologic processes support a functioning ecosystem while continuing to support sustainable recreation opportunities." 
The Proposed Action will:
  • Remove the existing marina infrastructure and restore the lagoon and creek to a more naturally-functioning ecosystem;
  • Construct a public pier (12-18' wide and up to 300' long) on the southern edge of the project area;
  • Reconstruct parking and circulation routes;
  • Reconstruct the campground;
  • Construct pedestrian connectivity routes; and
  • Control or eradicate invasive aquatic species.
Comments are due 10/26. View all documents here. The lead agencies have encouraged feedback related to the environmental impacts to be studied, unintended consequences, and alternatives that should be evaluated in the EIR/S/S. More details regarding helpful public comments are available here . Comments can be sent to:
USFS, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
Denise Downie, Project Lead
35 College Drive
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 543-2683  
A public tour is scheduled for 10/10 from 2-4 p.m. (view details).  

While FOWS continues to review the Proposed Action and documents in coming weeks, we have included some highlights that may help you provide comments below. In addition, we would like to hear your thoughts about the proposal, including the location of the new pier and boat ramp, so that we may best reflect your interests. Please reply to this alert with your feedback and suggestions.

Image of lagoon before marina construction. View larger image

  • Restoration of the lagoon and creek, which will provide ecosystem and lake clarity benefits and help combat aquatic invasive species;
  • Improvements to the campground infrastructure, vehicular circulation routes, and pedestrian/bike access;
  • Opportunities to highlight cultural aspects of the Washoe Tribe;
  • Enhanced public education; and
  • Improved fish passage through the SR 89 stream crossing.
Concerns & Potential Alternatives:
  • Some members have expressed concern that the proposed location of the new pier and boat launch on the south end will reduce the size of the existing beach, which is very popular among locals and visitors (including campers), and interfere with the enjoyment of non-motorized recreational activities in that area; to address these concerns, the environmental analysis should examine alternative locations for the pier and boat ramp, including on the northern end of the project area;
  • The project should be crafted so that the experiences of those enjoying non-motorized recreation (e.g. paddlers, beach-goers) are not negatively impacted by motorized use of the new pier and boat ramp;
  • The project may result in a reduction of campsites by up to 20%; and
  • The project may also reduce parking spaces by up to 20%.