New Rules for Providers in the OHCP!

There have been recent revisions and additions to Ohio Administrative Code rules that may affect you as an Ohio Home Care Waiver provider. The rules are:

  • 5101:3-45-01 Definitions
  • 5101:3-45-10 Conditions of Participation
  • 5101:3-46-04(A) Nursing
  • 5101:3-46-04(B) Personal Care Aides
  • 5101:3-46-04(C) Adult day health center services
  • 5101:3-46-04(D) Home delivered meal services
  • 5101:3-46-04(E) Home modification services
  • 5101:3-46-04(F) Supplemental adaptive and assistive device services
  • 5101:3-46-04(G) Out-of-home respite services
  • 5101:3-46-04(H) Emergency response services
  • 5101:3-46-04(I) Supplemental transportation services

To access the rules in their entirety, click here. Access the main highlights and important information (not the full rules) by clicking either of the links below...

"At-a-Glance" Rule Highlights for Providers

Important "Did You Know?" Rule Information

NOTE: All Ohio Home Care (OHC) Waiver providers (agency and non-agency) are responsible for knowing, understanding, and adhering to all OAC rules relevant to their provider type.

Thank you for your continued participation in the Ohio Home Care Program! Questions? Call 614-751-7777 and ask for the Provider Monitoring Supervisor in your region!

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