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May 23, 2019
" Mulch; you know how it makes everything look clean and orderly? I just wish there was a version of it for inside the house! "
-Country Garden Customer- Wally ♥

Gosh, when Wally said that, it made me laugh right out loud! It would be a great invention; anything to help hide all the clutter we gather in our lives. I suppose that is why there is a junk drawer or room in every home... just shut the door.

I love it when I can talk with our customers, I thoroughly enjoy it,
and I always gain  something... always.

This week we are here to help you gain knowledge of how to deal with a problem that is forecasting on the rest of the growing season.

The weather we have experienced in the last month or so has the potential to be a perfect storm of sorts. Those cool wet days are the perfect venue to create problems in the garden.

And yes Wally, mulch is one of the things that will help us in our gardens this spring, as you might already know.

Read the captions on the photos in C.L.'s Blog this week to get advice on what we can do to stem the root of rot. Sorry, just a little pun.

Be well -♥ Nan
Big enough to serve you
Small enough to know you.
We apologize for this
Saturday May 25th
Annuals Walk & Talk 3 PM
Due to beautiful weather (YAY!) and unexpected amounts of plant arrivals, we are Cancelling the Walk and Talk this Saturday at 3 pm. Because we want to give you an amazing experience we will be rescheduling this for a future date. Again we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding .

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H.C.G.'s Blog,
with C.L. Fornari
A Cold Wet Spring
We are coming out of a cold, wet spring and although the weather has improved at the end of May, it’s important to be aware that the consequences of the damp, cool conditions will be seen later in the summer. Here are a few things you’ll need to be aware of :
Blog by
Kate Karam
Orange Crush: 10 Essential Plants
Orange can be such a fun color to play with in the garden (here’s some tip on how to use this hue), especially when you have a variety of plants in your toolkit. Here are 10 that we recommend ranging from shrubs to perennials and annuals. Be brave and
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